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Laws of Nature

Pastor Chad was gone to a meeting last night, so I figured that since I had an evening to myself, once the kids were down for the night I’d have a nice luxurious soak in the tub.  I got the kids in bed, waited about 1/2 an hour to make sure they were totally settled, filled the tub, got in, NOT 5 MINUTES LATER Asher was crying for something.  I figured he’d eventually give it up & left him to it for awhile (I was trying to finish my Sudoku puzzle).  After about 10 minutes I thought I’d better go check on him, so I got out of the tub, & went dripping to his room.

What did he want?  “Please, Mummy, I’d like the cow blanket back tied around me & then I will have a happy face!  Remember?”  No, I did not remember, & it took awhile for me to work out exactly what he wanted.  He apparently wanted me to tie his cow blanket around his neck like we had done that morning.  I expalined that having a blanket tied around your neck while you sleep is not safe, so I couldn’t do it, but we’d do it first thing in the morning.  He sniffed a bit, said ok, & off I went back to my nice warm tub……. For a few minutes.

Once again, he’s crying, this time a bit more passionately.  He wants that cow blanket on, & a drink of water, & for me to come back into his room.  So, out of the tub, drip drip drip back to his room w/ a drink of water (luckily we had a sippy cup in the washroom).  At this point he’s practically hyperventilating b/c he’s gotten himself so worked up.  So, I try to calm him down w/ his drink of water (no luck), telling him his bedtime story again (not working), promises of tying the cow blanket on his shoulders FIRST thing in the morning (not good enough).  I even tried telling him that we’d be going out to dinner tomorrow night & that he’d need to sleep b/c otherwise he’d be too tired & we’d have to stay home. Well, that perked him up.

Asher:  “We can go to McDonald’s!”

Me: “Well, I don’t know if we’ll go to McDonald’s, but we’ll go to a restaurant for dinner.”

A:  “McDonald’s is a restaurant.”

Me: “Yes, McDonald’s is a restaurant, but maybe we’ll go to Boston Pizza, or somewhere else.”

A:  “I want to stay home.” (And the crying begins again)

Know what finally worked to calm him down?  He realized I was wet & I told him that I had to go wash my hair.  Apparently my having clean hair was enough to settle him down so he could drift off to sleep.

So, I quickly washed my hair, worried that things might escalate again.  All was quiet, so I slipped downstairs to watch a little CSI & THE OFFICE!  I look forward to Thursday night ALL WEEK!  Precisely 5 minutes into “The Office” Chancery wakes up!  Of all the nights!…………  So I went up, nursed her, put her back down, prayed she’d stay asleep & went back to finish watching the show.

This morning Chancery woke up at 6am & decided she’d had enopugh of this sleeping lark.  Asher normally gets up around 6:30, so I tried to get her back to sleep for awhile (in vain) & then when I realized it wasn’t going to happen, just sat up w/ her.  And of course, since Chancery woke up so early, Asher decided to sleep-in ’til 7 *sigh* sometimes life just isn’t fair.


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I Did It Myself!

Last week I took it upon myself to get our TV room sorted out. When we moved in I told the people helping us that any box labelled “Games,” “Videos,” “DVDs,” “Video Games,” or “Stereo” should be brought into the TV room.

Now since we still haven’t gotten the french doors installed to separate PC’s office from the playroom, the TV Room has become a bit of a playroom as well. It worked pretty well to have the boxes there b/c Asher left the boxes alone alot better than he would if the contents of the boxes were unpacked. But, I had some girls coming over on Friday night & I thought I should get things a bit sorted out.

First I had to determine WHAT to do w/ all the boxes. I had to assemble a shelving unit in the storage room to put all our games on. Then I had to sort through all the boxes & take all the “Games” into the storage room & shelve them.

Aren’t they Pretty?

Then I sorted through all the videos & decided that if there is to be any room for couches/chairs I’d have to limit what I have out. So I settled for the “Kids’ Videos” & the DVDs to be out.

Then I saw the box marked “Video Game Systems” & I couldn’t resist getting them out. I decided that if I was getting ONE system set up, I might as well set them ALL up! So I did:

It only took me 1 naptime & 1 evening to do it all. Lots of wires & power strips (I won’t show you the mess of it all behind the TV). And here’s the finished product:


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Laugh Out Loud Thursday

There is only one show that makes me laugh out loud every week. Here are a few highlights from tonight:

“I call this the bumper test.”

“Ahhh, what is that on it?”
“Butter. New babies are slippery.”

I have to admit, I wasn’t ready for “The Office” when it first came out. I was sure it couldn’t be near as good as the BBC version. Maybe I was wrong, or maybe it got better. I may never know since I didn’t start watching ’til last season. I’m sorry, Dwight, Pam, Angela, Michael, Jim & all the rest. Perhaps I’ll get the early seasons on DVD (hint, hint Pastor Chad!)

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I Need Some Clarification

Last night I was overjoyed to be able to watch “The Office” & “CSI.” Two of my favourite shows. However, since I missed a few episodes, I am a little bit lost as to a few things that have happened & I’m hoping someone can explain things a bit.

On “The Office” why is Ryan back? What did he do that got him demoted back to the Scranton branch?

On “CSI,”well I am TOTALLY stunned that Warrick is dead. WHAT HAPPENED? I understand that Sarah is back probably just for the funeral, but I suppose this could be an entrance for her to come back, but what’s the deal w/ Warrick?

Also, I caught a bit of “Bones” the other night & I missed the whole thing about Gormagon & Zack. What happened there? I totally didn’t understand that he was in on the Gormagon thing.

So, hopefully there’s someone who also watches who can explain things a bit to me!

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I can’t say I understand how it happened, but this morning Asher was grumpy. I attributed it to needing more sleep & figured it would work itself out during his nap. I thought, “ok, that should make for a nice long afternoon nap then.”

Our friends from that we usually get together w/ every week were possibly going to come over today b/c Chad had a conference in Grand Rapids & I’d be by myself w/ Asher. We went out & played a bit this morning, but it was a bit cold & windy, so that didn’t last very long. We came back in & it was time for Sesame Street (& my daily latte), so I turned on the TV & set to work making my coffee.

I came back out of the kitchen to find this:

Apparently Sesame Street wasn’t enough to keep him awake this morning!

Our friends showed up about 1/2 an hour later & I eventually prodded him awake, but he just sat in his chair & watched Ryne play. I took his temperature b/c he felt a bit warm as well & it was 102.8! Hasn’t this kid been sick enough in the last month?

To top it off, Chad & I are flying out of town tomorrow to go see a church. I just hope it’s a 24 hour thing b/c I feel bad for him & I don’t really like to have to leave him w/ someone else when he’s sick b/c that’s no fun for anybody.

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While we were on our holidays, Asher got a SpongeBob Happy Meal toy. Now, I’m not a big fan of SpongeBob, mainly b/c he is aimed at small children, and his humour is more adult than kiddish. So, I’m not a fan. However, we were limited on the number of toys we had for Asher, so I decided that since this new toy wasn’t a choking hazard, have could have it.

I may not have told him the truth though, when I told him the strange yellow creature’s name. I actually told him it was a piece of cheese. I had many chuckles over hearing him sing from the backseat, “Oh where, oh where piece of cheese go? Oh where, oh where a be?” Chad told me I shouldn’t rename famously known items such as SpongeBob, but by then it was too late.

Well, on Saturday when I took Asher for our traditional breakfast at McDonald’s, who was on the TV? SpongeBob! It took most of the meal before Asher noticed, and when he did, I really got the chuckels. He called out in a loud voice, “Piece of cheese on TV!”

So, dear reader, do you think he’ll be scarred for life, much like the children who find out past the age of 10 that Santa doesn’t exist?

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The Power of Suggestion

So, I’m pregnant….. I feel gross in the mornings, I feel gross whenever I have to cook something, and I feel gross whenever Asher makes me spin around (but he enjoys it so!). I’m really hoping that in a few weeks I’ll go back to feeling somewhat normal again. I don’t think it lasted very long when I was pregnant with Asher. I remember pregnancy being Wonderful!
The other day Asher and Chad were watching Fraggles. I was reading a book b/c I find the Fraggles to be quite annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the Muppets, just can’t stand the Fraggles. Anyway, the guy and his dog were discussing a donut…… I then wanted a donut, so off to Tim’s we went!
A few days later I was watching Gilmore Girls, and they made Cinnamon rolls. Cue a trip to the store for some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! Granted, what I really wanted was Cinnabon, but I couldn’t justify a trip into London just for some Cinnamon Rolls.
It should be interesting to see what the next 7 months bring!

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