Asher: “Mum, I have a question.”

Chancery: “Did you see him raise his hand to ask a question? That was funny!”

Asher: “Mum, do we really have to do these pictures week after week?”

“We do it so that Grandma & Grandpa can see you every week.”

Chancery: “Wouldn’t it be easier if they just came for more visits?”

Asher: “I suppose taking pictures isn’t such an ordeal, since we can pretty much do whatever we want while Mum snaps away.”

Chancery: “In that case, let’s read your book!”


Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for making the switch w/ me from blogger to wordpress.  However, after a few weeks, & multiple posts, I have discovered that I prefer blogger & since my comments are working over there again, I’m headed back.  Please, won’t you come & follow me?  Poll results show that most of you are ambilvalent as to where I write, so hopefully that means you’ll find your way over there again.  About 30% said they’d prefer to see me back on my old stomping grounds, & no one was especially committed to WordPress.  I wasn’t sure I’d switch back, but since no one begged me to stay & I discovered the grass isn’t greener over here, I’m packing up & headed home!

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On Tuesdays we go to coffee break at church & Asher gets to go to “Little Lambs” which teaches him about some people in the Bible. He takes the papers home, but I have a really hard time getting him to tell me anything about what they did other than that they do puzzles, have a snack, & sing songs.

He never tells me waht songs they sing. He always tells me “Deep & Wide” which I am pretty sure isn’t what they sing every week. On the way out to the truck this week I caught him singing, “The more we get together,” he then paused, realized he was singing in my presence, & said, “No, we didn’t sing THAT song!” I don’t know WHY he won’t tell me, it’s not like I make him sing the songs over & over at home, he just wants to keep the songs to himself & I suppose that’s ok.

Over lunch I usually ask who they learned about that day & he’ll tell me their names, but not much more than that. Well, this week it was a bit different. He told me all about Jesus & how he got a coat from his brothers, but his brothers didn’t have one.

I know, he was a bit mixed up in the names department, so I straightened him out a bit & then asked if the brothers were jealous. He said, “No, they were sad,” then he decided that didn’t cover all the emotions, & procalimed, “they were MAD!

Later he was telling P Chad over dinner all about Joseph (he got the name right this time) & his brothers & the coat. He got to the part that the brothers didn’t have one & added, “Just like Jesus & Zaccheus, they didn’t have a coat EITHER!”

I suppose it’s true, but someday we’re going to have to make sure he gets all those Bible stories straightened out.

Last night I discovered something terrible…..  I simply do not have enough time to do all the tings that I want to do!  This will probably come as a surprise to most of you, but there simply don’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

I have a really good book I’m reading, blogs to read, blogs to write, emails to answer, Christmas cards to address, a Christmas letter to write, the newspaper to read & the daily Sudoku to finish (to maintain mental agility).

I think I would have time to do those things if it wasn’t for all the other things I have to do.  Get kids up in the morning, prepare breakfast (pour milk on cereal), change numerous pants throughout the day, get lunch ready, figure out what to have & prepare dinner…….

So I’m having to choose!  It’s awful!  I made the decision awhile ago that I didn’t have to read the newspaper everyday, that was liberating.  Then yesterday I decided that I didn’t have to do the Sudoku either b/c I was trying to get it done, but wishing I could be doing something else instead.  I figured that was kinda silly.

I think the main issue is that I have limited time w/o kids around to get things done, & if they don’t sleep at the same time, everything gets a little crazy!  I know, it’s just a season of life & it’ll be over before I know it, but I think that’ll be ok w/ me.  I’ll be fine when the kids can entertain themselves a bit more (or even sit by themselves w/o needing to be held all the time).  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve made a latte in the last month & at lunch time discoved that I only had a few sips out of it.  I just don’t have time to sit & drink it right now.  Maybe I should buy a beer hat so I could drink it throughout the morning!

A Poll

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Sunday was a special day for Pastor Chad.  He got to perform his first baptism.

I wonder why they call it performing…  Sounds like he did a bit of singing & dancing…. which he did not.

Here are the pictures.  I relied on the family to take them rather than taking them myself.  I figured if I took my camera to church again people would start to think it was a regular occurrence & that I was going to be taking pictures every week.  They might think that I think I’m a professional photographer or something, which I am clearly not.  Sammy is 3 weeks younger than Chancery, & his parents waited especially so that Pastor Chad could baptise him.

sammy-baptism-1Reading the form


sammy-baptism-3Rit handing Sammy over for the blessing

sammy-baptism-4Pastor Chad blessing Sammy

Sammy was really good & only cried once he knew he was close enough to the mic that we would all be able to hear it.  He was then presented to the congregation & encored his earlier yunking performance by quietly belching!  We were glad to be a part of his special day.

Without further ado……….


A: “I have an evil plan to thwart Mum’s Sunday picture-taking.”


C: “I know what you are planning, & I think it would just be easier if we just co-operate w/ her.”


A: “You’re right, maybe I should rethink this.”


A: “Here’s my smile, Mum, & I’m off!”


C: “What, you let HIM go & I’m still here?”


C: “I’m simply too tired to do anymore pictures.”