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Asher: “Mum, I have a question.”

Chancery: “Did you see him raise his hand to ask a question? That was funny!”

Asher: “Mum, do we really have to do these pictures week after week?”

“We do it so that Grandma & Grandpa can see you every week.”

Chancery: “Wouldn’t it be easier if they just came for more visits?”

Asher: “I suppose taking pictures isn’t such an ordeal, since we can pretty much do whatever we want while Mum snaps away.”

Chancery: “In that case, let’s read your book!”


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Today’s Sunday Pics

Without further ado……….


A: “I have an evil plan to thwart Mum’s Sunday picture-taking.”


C: “I know what you are planning, & I think it would just be easier if we just co-operate w/ her.”


A: “You’re right, maybe I should rethink this.”


A: “Here’s my smile, Mum, & I’m off!”


C: “What, you let HIM go & I’m still here?”


C: “I’m simply too tired to do anymore pictures.”

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Sorry about last Sunday’s lack of photos.  Here’s the ones I managed to get:

“Smile, kids!


Asher: “Buuurp!”


Chancery: “I can’t believe he did that!  How uncouth!”


A: “It wasn’t me, Mum!”


C: “One should cover one’s mouth, like so, if one is going to belch!”


C: “These stripes are mesmerising!”


“Just give a good smile, then you can go.”


A: “See you next week!”

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Laws of Nature

Pastor Chad was gone to a meeting last night, so I figured that since I had an evening to myself, once the kids were down for the night I’d have a nice luxurious soak in the tub.  I got the kids in bed, waited about 1/2 an hour to make sure they were totally settled, filled the tub, got in, NOT 5 MINUTES LATER Asher was crying for something.  I figured he’d eventually give it up & left him to it for awhile (I was trying to finish my Sudoku puzzle).  After about 10 minutes I thought I’d better go check on him, so I got out of the tub, & went dripping to his room.

What did he want?  “Please, Mummy, I’d like the cow blanket back tied around me & then I will have a happy face!  Remember?”  No, I did not remember, & it took awhile for me to work out exactly what he wanted.  He apparently wanted me to tie his cow blanket around his neck like we had done that morning.  I expalined that having a blanket tied around your neck while you sleep is not safe, so I couldn’t do it, but we’d do it first thing in the morning.  He sniffed a bit, said ok, & off I went back to my nice warm tub……. For a few minutes.

Once again, he’s crying, this time a bit more passionately.  He wants that cow blanket on, & a drink of water, & for me to come back into his room.  So, out of the tub, drip drip drip back to his room w/ a drink of water (luckily we had a sippy cup in the washroom).  At this point he’s practically hyperventilating b/c he’s gotten himself so worked up.  So, I try to calm him down w/ his drink of water (no luck), telling him his bedtime story again (not working), promises of tying the cow blanket on his shoulders FIRST thing in the morning (not good enough).  I even tried telling him that we’d be going out to dinner tomorrow night & that he’d need to sleep b/c otherwise he’d be too tired & we’d have to stay home. Well, that perked him up.

Asher:  “We can go to McDonald’s!”

Me: “Well, I don’t know if we’ll go to McDonald’s, but we’ll go to a restaurant for dinner.”

A:  “McDonald’s is a restaurant.”

Me: “Yes, McDonald’s is a restaurant, but maybe we’ll go to Boston Pizza, or somewhere else.”

A:  “I want to stay home.” (And the crying begins again)

Know what finally worked to calm him down?  He realized I was wet & I told him that I had to go wash my hair.  Apparently my having clean hair was enough to settle him down so he could drift off to sleep.

So, I quickly washed my hair, worried that things might escalate again.  All was quiet, so I slipped downstairs to watch a little CSI & THE OFFICE!  I look forward to Thursday night ALL WEEK!  Precisely 5 minutes into “The Office” Chancery wakes up!  Of all the nights!…………  So I went up, nursed her, put her back down, prayed she’d stay asleep & went back to finish watching the show.

This morning Chancery woke up at 6am & decided she’d had enopugh of this sleeping lark.  Asher normally gets up around 6:30, so I tried to get her back to sleep for awhile (in vain) & then when I realized it wasn’t going to happen, just sat up w/ her.  And of course, since Chancery woke up so early, Asher decided to sleep-in ’til 7 *sigh* sometimes life just isn’t fair.

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Sunday Pictures part 2

Sunday, November 2 -Chancery 11.5 weeks, Asher 2


A: So, I’m supposed to hold her like this?


A: She doesn’t seem to be co-operating very well.


A: Chancery, could you please move a bit to your left?


A: I asked you to please stop leaning on me!


A: Now you can sit up all by yourself!

C: See, Mum?  I TOLD you he picks on me!


C: Are we almost done yet?  I have an appointment.


A: If I smile can I have ice cream?


C: How come I never get any ice cream?


A: She’s touching me again!

C: I was just trying to see if he had any ice cream!

More to come……..

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Sunday Pictures

For the past few weeks I’ve been taking pictures of the kids in their Sunday finery.  Here are some of the

pictures.  I hope to keep posting them as time goes on, sorry, none from today since my camera battery needs recharging!  Enjoy!

October 12 -Chancery 8.5 weeks, Asher 2 years


He SAYS he didn’t pinch her!


October 19 -Chancery 9.5 weeks, Asher 2 yrs


Happy baby, once the plug is put in place!


October 26 -Chancery 10.5 weeks, Asher 2 years, Daddy 28 years!


That’s all for this edition!  November pictures coming soon!

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There were no plans to take Asher Trick or Treating this year. We kind of figured he wouldn’t know the difference anyways & it’s easier to stay in. But PC’s parents came back from their trip yesterday & rectified the situation. They went costume shopping (not easy the day before Haloween) & picked up a clown costume for Asher & a cat one for Chancery.

Today they were quizzing him on what he’s supposed to say when they go out. He looked a littel confused, so they explained the process:

  1. Get costume on
  2. Go out to the neighbors
  3. Say “_______”
  4. Get candies!

“So, what do you say when you knock on the people’s door?”

Asher’s response?


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