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A Little Over A Week

In a little over a week, we’ll be off to PEI. It’s gonna be an interesting road trip. We’re taking just under a week to go from here to Ontario. Coming this way took 4.5 days of driving, but now we’ll be having to stop every 3 hours at least to feed Chancery.

Then, we’re taking just under a week to go from Ontario to PEI. I don’t think that will be too difficult since that part of the trip is shorter. I’m excited to do the ON to PEI jaunt b/c I’ve never been through those provinces. I’m also pretty excited about seeing everyone in Ontario again one last time on our way through.

Mostly I think I’m excited to get into our new house. I know it won’t be easy to get everything all sorted & put away w/ 2 kids underfoot, but Chad’s parents will be there too, so we’ll have some help & I’m really glad for that b/c I think that otherwise it could be months before we would feel settled.

So, I’m wandering around the house looking for things of ours that have been unpacked & left lying around to make sure we don’t forget anything. Oh, I’ll be glad to be in our own house! Less than a month until we move in!


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Last night we got a call from the U-Haul guy saying that the closest place that had a trailer of the size we had reserved was 2 hours away. Well, we had ordered the smallest trailer b/c we have a VW Jetta to pull it with, so getting a bigger trailer wasn’t really an option. His offer was to cut the price from $250 to $100 for the week…..

So Chad has gone to get our cheaper trailer! I declared it unfair that he gets to go driving for 4 hours this morning while I have to stay home & pack & clean, but then I remembered that I would have the computer, so I decided that I’d check emails & blog a bit!

So, now I have a few loads of laundry going, everything is pretty much packed, & I basically only have vacuuming to do, which I will wait until everything is pretty much out of here to do b/c you can’t really vacuum w/ boxes everywhere. I’d show you a picture of all our boxes, but the cord for the camera is packed & I don’t really know how to connect it to the laptop. Maybe I’ll get them up in a few days.

Surprisingly, our phone has been disconnected already. I ordered it to be done today & they kept saying it would be done by 5 pm. I checked it at 9am & it had already been done. It figures that if you need a phone connected they’ll wait until the last minute, but to get it disconnected it’s done right away so you can’t make anymore calls!

Tomorrow we head out on our way from Ontario to Alberta! It’s supposed to be a 42 hour drive. We’re going through Canada b/c we’ve never been that way before. It adds about 8 hours onto the trip, but since we have a trailer full of stuff we figured it doesn’t make sense to cross the boarder if we don’t have to.

I’m actually really looking forward to the trip both b/c it’s seeing things we haven’t seen before, & b/c we’ll have lots of time to think about the calls we have received from churches. We don’t really know where the Lord is leading us, so we have to really pray & figure out what His will is for us. We have 3 really good offers & we just don’t know what our decision is.

So for the next week I’ll be at the mercy of hotel internet. Hopefully most the ones we stay at will have wireless so I can still post about all the exciting things we do & see on our “big trip” as Asher has been calling it.

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Packing Up

Chad & I are busy packing up all our stuff. It’s a bit of a struggle, but we are making really good progress. We have taken all the boxes out of the storage room & gone through all the baby stuff to decide what we’ll need in Alberta & what we can wait for.

We’ve packed all the things in the laundry room which included all the kitchen things like the rice cooker, crock pot, corningware, etc. We had to stop at that point b/c we started getting carried away & headed toward the kitchen stuff. At one point had we kept going we’d have nothing to eat for breakfast the next few days.

The items from the desk have been packed, which has become an issue already b/c all the rubberbands are gone…. How are we supposed to wrap electrical cords now? We did leave out a few pens, but we don’t really have any paper to write things on….. I suppose we could write ourselves notes on boxes, but w/ our luck the box would get moved & we’d have no idea where that person’s phone number went…….

All the books & art got packed before the weekend & now our living room echoes…. echoes… echoes….

Asher is enjoying being at daycare this week. Yesterday he managed to talk his way out of a nap there, but fell asleep on the couch about 20 minutes before we picked him up. This resulted in him sleeping in ’til quarter after 7 this morning! Of course b/c he is always awake at quarter ‘TIL 7 most mornings, I woke up then & couldn’t get back to sleep……

This morning Asher woke up & asked to play w/ his trucks, BUT we got a little carried away in packing his room yesterday & the only toys that are left are ones that we are going to get rid of, so there were no trucks. We did leave about 1/2 of his books out, but since he couldn’t play w/ toys while we got ready, one of us had to read to him while the other got ready this morning, so we were a bit later than usual. That’s ok though, we aren’t really in a huge rush.

It’s been really enjoyable having Chad around w/o Asher. I know that sounds bad, but normally one of us is preoccupied w/ Asher so we don’t really spend all that much time talking & just BEING together.

This morning we got started packing our room. We’re pretty much done, though it was not a whole lot of fun. We had to go through all our clothes & decide what we’re going to wear in the next 2 months, pack THAT stuff to take to Alberta, & then pack the rest of the stuff for storage. For me, that consists of maternity clothes & post-maternity clothes…. It’s not so easy to decide what clothes are going to fit after you have the baby, when you are currently 7 months pregnant…. How skinny will you be 2 weeks after your baby is born? What clothes (that you haven’t even THOUGHT about looking at in the last 5 months) will you be able to/want to wear in 2 months?

Pretty much all that’s left now is the washroom & the rest of the kitchen stuff. That shouldn’t take us too long. We have ’til Thursday night when all the people come to load the trailer, but I think we should be able to be done sometime tomorrow. It’s nice that we are so good at packing b/c I would NOT like to feel rushed doing this. It’s nice to be able to relax in the evenings & not feel like we should be packing. Besides, I’m PREGNANT! I should be taking it easy, eh?

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Trying to Pack

I have been given the ok to pack from Chad. This is a good thing since we are moving in 2 weeks! I am a little worried though that we aren’t going to make it out in time. You see, we have a storage room that is full of boxes. Some are 1/2 packed b/c we pulled some things out of them when we moved in, but we didn’t unpack everything b/c we moved from a 3 bedroom house w/ basement, to a 2 bedroom apartment & we have less room here then we did before….

SO, not only do we have to pack the things that are UNPACKED, we also have to go through all the boxes in the storage room to fill the holes back in on the boxes that are 1/2 packed….. not only that, but since we are moving to Chad’s parents for a few months, & are going to have the baby there, we have to have all the baby clothes & equipment along that we will need there, plus non-maternity clothes & maternity clothes for me.

Part of my task is also to look through all the boxes marked “Baby Stuff” & sort through it for things we will want in Alberta. To give you an idea of why this task is a bit daunting to me, here is a few pictures of the storage room. Keep in mind that this is all stuff that DIDN’T get unpacked. I still have to pack everything that we have had out in the last year!

*sigh* I think I’m procrastinating.

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Packing Bug

Whenever we are on the verge of moving (read: within 4 months or so) I get the packing bug. This really drives Chad crazy b/c I start to pack things that I think we don’t use, leading to oddly packed boxes b/c I have a space & all spaces must be filled. Sometimes when we unpack a box, the contents must be delivered to 3 or more rooms….
It also leads to things being packed that I am unaware that Chad uses. For instance, last time we moved, Chad was doing all the cooking & I wasn’t. I packed most of the kitchen utensils b/c I figured he wasn’t using them. We then had to unpack 3 boxes to find the pancake flipper.
I have officially caught the packing bug again. Chad has forbidden me from packing any more boxes since he came home to 5 boxes of videos sitting on the couch. I asked him to put them away & since we are living in a small apartment, our storage room is already filled nearly to capacity. He had to stack those beautiful Huggies boxes behind the couch in our living room.
His point was, that A-we don’t have the space, & B-we aren’t moving for another 2.5 months. However, with our trip to England & numerous trips to Grand Rapids, a whole month is cut out of that time frame. But he assures me that our stuff will get packed, we will move on time, & I have nothing to worry about…… It’s hard, but I’m really going to try to quit now.

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Living in Boxes

I really feel sometimes like life is still on hold. The whole time Chad’s been in school we felt like we couldn’t have kids, couldn’t really start to plan the future b/c we never really knew where God was leading us….. Guess what, not a whole lot has changed, nor do I think it will…. ever.
Perhaps part of it is due to being a pastor in the CRC, moving every 5-7 years is kinda expected, but we learned a few years back that you can’t live life on hold or you’ll never do anything, and you’ll never really be happy. So on that note, since we’ll be moving in 7 months, do I unpack all the boxes of games that I have, or do I keep them in their boxes, making it easier when we move? Trust me, it’s no easy chore getting them all packed, there’s a ton of them. Do I try to go through the storeage room to find the bibs that I so stupidly packed away, and now really need, or do I just go buy more?

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