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I’m Goin’ Back!

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for making the switch w/ me from blogger to wordpress.  However, after a few weeks, & multiple posts, I have discovered that I prefer blogger & since my comments are working over there again, I’m headed back.  Please, won’t you come & follow me?  Poll results show that most of you are ambilvalent as to where I write, so hopefully that means you’ll find your way over there again.  About 30% said they’d prefer to see me back on my old stomping grounds, & no one was especially committed to WordPress.  I wasn’t sure I’d switch back, but since no one begged me to stay & I discovered the grass isn’t greener over here, I’m packing up & headed home!

*Please update your subscription feeds & those of you with blogrolls, if you could switch them back to http://csvan.blogspot.com/


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I said “Poop” & “Dead” apparently those are no-no’s

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I’ve been a bit curious for awhile now as to who’s been following my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m HAPPY that there are 3 or 4 of you out there besides my parents (who I send every post to, so they are kind of forced into reading my blog), but I’m just curious as to who you are. Are you people that I know? Or just people who found me randomly & decided I write something interesting every now & then? I know a few of you (Katie, April, Jodi, Jennifer), but would like to know who else is out there. So if it’s not too much trouble, leave a comment & say “hi!” Also, if you have a blog, leave a link so I can visit yours too.

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Nope, Not Dead Yet

After a loooong hiatus, I’m back! I have a new house all the way across the country from where we were last, a new baby & a son who wants extra attention. All this leads to nit having much time to get on the computer. Today I logged on to discover I had 89 new emails & 443 blogs in my reader. Needless to say I feel very behind, but I can’t foresee it getting much better for the time being. I hope to be a little more consistant than I have been lately! Don’t give up on me yet!

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I really enjoy reading people’s blogs. One thing that makes it more enjoyable is regular posts so I remember who the person is & keep up w/ their lives. On that note, I want to apologize to you, dear reader, for my recent lack of posts. Here comes the explanation…..

We recently moved in w/ my in-laws. This in itself, is not a reason to stop blogging.

We have internet (obviously), so I should be able to keep up to date a bit, but the problem is that I am now sharing a computer w/ Chad. This also should not be an issue.

We brought our desk-top computer along as well, but it seems a bit silly to pull all the pieces out of the box to set it up for just a few months, so here I am, trying to vie for a little computer time here & there.

I am no longer blogging during Asher’s nap b/c I am tired. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really have much to do here, it’s like a vacation! I have no cooking to do, I realyly only have to keep our bedroom & washroom tidy, & do our laundry every now & then, but trying to keep a 2 year old entertained in a none kid-proofed, new environment, can be tricky & tiring. Not to mention that I have about 6 weeks left until “Baby X” makes it’s appearance into the world & I get NO chance to sleep for the next year (does that sound a bit pessimistic?).

So, hopefully I will be able to keep up w/ blogging, even if it’s not everyday anymore. It’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about. We still have a funny kid, we’re going to new & exciting places, I just haven’t found the time to get it from my head to the computer.

So, there’s my explanation, here’s the apology…..

I’m really, really sorry if I’m not writing as regularly as you’d like, I’ll try to be better, please, PLEASE don’t give up on me!

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Oh, He’s A Funny One!

Last night I found this blog. I was telling Chad how interesting it was that I found the blog of a woman whose husband is in the ministry, she has a son born in June 2006, & is 30 weeks pregnant (Since I also have a husband in the ministry, a son born June 2006 & am 31 weeks pregnant).

Chad’s response? “Are you sure you weren’t reading your own blog?”

He does keep me laughing!

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It’s Real Life

I’m having a go at the “It’s Real Life” blog party. Here are pics from my real life (keep in mind that b/c we are packing to move, things are probably a bit messier/tidier than they would normally be in real life!) Without further ado, here’s my real life:

Usually the fridge would be covered w/ pictures & magnets, but since my fridge died recently, it’s been clean ever since.

The inside has less stuff than normal b/c we are moving & I’m TRYING to use up what we have.


Chad & my closet. We came from a house where we each had our own closet this size…. I think we are doing pretty well sharing it!

Kitchen Sink:No dishwasher, so those dishes are drying. I decided if I have to wash after every meal, I am NOT drying the dishes too.

Toilet:Here’s our throne.

Favourite Shoes:
I’m glad it’s getting warm enough again!

Favourite Room In The House:
I like to sit in the bit chair & read/watch TV after Asher’s in bed.

What Asher’s Doing Right Now:
He’s not in his jammies, but I didn’t want to wake him, so here’s an older pic. Imagine he’s 2 months older.

Laundry Pile:
Not much here b/c I just did it yesterday, but I am anal enough to have it sorted into darks & lights.

Self Portrait:
Here I am!

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