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Being here at Grandpa & Grandma’s house is a new way of life. No cooking, minimal cleaning…. life is good. Time on the computer is fairly rare though, so I haven’t had much chance to keep up w/ things.

Here are some pictures from Asher’s birthday (yes, he only got 1/2 an ice cream sandwich). Since we were moving a few days after, we didn’t do a cake, but I don’t think he’ll suffer. Grandma is making sure he’s getting lots of ice cream here too, so he’s getting plenty of sugar. He’s showing that he’s 2 in the picture as well.

On our trip out here, we stopped for lunch at a rest area & this truck proceeded to get very stuck. It was entertaining for the 30 people or so who took the opportunty to gawk & take photos….. (I hid behind a sign so as not to appear to be one of the many). Notice that the rear driver’s side wheel is up on the curb, forcing the trailer to rest on the rear passenger’s side tire. He didn’t have much hope of getting out of there by himself.

Glad to be back in Alberta!

We are really enjoing spending more time w/ Daddy, & doing all kinds of fun new things!


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Tonight we are in Regina, SK. Some may understand the title of this post as quite literal. Saskatchewan is said to be so flat that you can watch your dog run away fro days, so even though we have about a day of driving yet, the end may be in sight!

We are staying at another Travelodge. I realized tonight this is the 3rd one on the trip. I guess they must be pretty good. I couldn’t get a cheaper rate tonight, though I tried, but since we had gained an hour just before we stopped yesterday & then another one this afternoon, & we had driven almost 800 km, we decided that we’d just take the room here. It’s the first night on the trip we’ve had to pay over $100 for a room, which overall is pretty good. Chad still thinks that’s high, but I think he’s just out of touch w/ how much hotels cost.

The perks of our hotel are:

  • Swimming pool
  • hot tub
  • waterslide
  • kiddie play area

So, yes the perks are pretty much all pool related, but really, who has time to do much more in the evenings anyways? We have to tire Asher out after a day of sitting in the car, what better way than a pool? A bath just doesn’t cut it on days like this.

We stopped for coffee this morning in Kenora at a coffee shop called HoJoes. It was listed in our hotel book as a “Vancouver Style Coffee House.” It lived up to it’s name! It was some of the best coffee I’ve had in a long time. Strathroy had a coffee shop, but they seemed to go about things as cheaply as possible, & when you are making a latte for someone, that just doesn’t cut it, my friend!

Anyways, back to the pool! Asher enjoyed the waterslide a bit more tonight. It wasn’t as fast as last night’s was, & it wasn’t a brand new experience either. We have a pretend phone in the car for Asher to play w/ & he “called” Grandma Vos to tell her all about the pool & waterslide he went on last night. It was very cute & obviously left an impression on him.

In the kiddie play area there was a cave that lead up to a normal tube slide (w/o water) & it took some convincing & daddy to go w/ him, but Asher finally went down that slide as well. Chad said it was a good thing he had gone down the slide w/ him b/c since they were wet (the kiddie area was in w/ the pool area) the slide was really fast & Chad landed on his bottom at the bottom & it did not feel too pleasant. Plus it was quite a ways that you had to walk in the tunnel, & who knows if Asher would have made it the whole way up alone. It was pretty squishy in there as well, Chad reported.

So, we MIGHT be able to make it all the way to Lethbridge tomorrow, but it would be a long day to do it. We aren’t sure if we are up for that long of a day w/ the most boring part of the drive still ahead of us. Besides, why not have another night at a hotel w/ a pool & possibly a waterslide?

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On this trip there are many things I’ve learned, such as:

  • I’m not as patient as I’d like to think I am…. especially when I am tired & hot. I just get cranky & snappy.
  • I really, really like specialty coffee & it’s not so easy to find when you are in the middle of nowhere (although I knew this before the trip too, but it’s VERY evident now).
  • Hotel rates are not set in stone.

This last one is a tricky one b/c we all know about AAA/CAA rates being lower than normal hotel rates, but did you know that if you hem & haw just a little, they will sometimes offer you an even LOWER rate? Our first hotel’s rate was $120. They offered me $110 w/CAA, but then I asked how that compared to other rates in town & she said, “well, I can actually offer you $100.” It came through as “Rate of the Day” on the bill, so it’s worth asking for at Travelodges.

Tonight we stopped at a Holiday Inn & I asked about rates & they offered me $120, or $110 w/ CAA. I asked if there was anything cheaper & he simply said no, so we left. We went to a Days Inn & they offered $120 w/ CAA & I simply asked if she could give me a room for under $100, say $99 & she said, “sure.” So It’s definitely worth asking for cheaper or naming your price (as long as it’s a reasonable price for a room) They’d rather have you there for a little less, than not have you there at all.

I am a bit surprised that they have cheaper rates though b/c it is Canada Day weekend, but perhaps we are just stopping at hotels that aren’t full & that’s working to our advantage.

Our hotel tonight has a swimming pool, a kiddie pool, a hot tub & a waterslide. We took advantage of them & tired Asher out. he went to bed easily & has been sleeping for the last hour or so. Much better than last night. Chad had to lay on the floor by his playpen for nearly an hour until he fell asleep. He just hadn’t expended enough energy & wasn’t very tired. We made up for that today by stopping for lunch at a rest area & letting him run around for awhile & then going swimming this evening. (The waterslide was pretty fun for all of us, though Asher took quite a bit of convincing to go on it).

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We are in Marathon, Ontario tonight. We have travelled about 1200 of 3500 kilometres on our trip. It feels like we’ve gone much further. Chad mentioned today that he already is not looking forward to making this trip again in 3 months. I agree.

Trips like this used to be fun, but now I am constantly having to turn around in my seat & being 7 months pregnant it’s not too comfortable to try to reach for toys & books that have been thrown down on the floor. Asher’s actually being fairly well behaved, until we get out of the car. He just wants to run & be crazy, but who can blame him? After 4 hours of having to sit still in the car seat we all want to run around & be crazy.

Driving is proving to be less than enjoyable for Chad as well b/c of the trailer. We can’t use the cruise control b/c it makes the car work too hard, so Chad has to drive w/ his foot on the accelerator the whole time rather than being able to move a bit to get more comfortable.

Right now Asher is standing in his crib saying, “hi, Mummy!” over & over. We have set chairs on the table & draped a blanket over the top so he can’t see us. Having to share a room w/ a toddler who has not expended enough energy over the course of the day, is not a whole lot of fun.

There will be no TV watching before bed. I always feel a bit sorry for the people on either side of us when we are in hotels. Asher is great at going to sleep at home now, but I think he saves all his bad nights for hotels. I suppose it makes sense since his routine is all askew.

Wish us luck on this trip, that we get the sleep we need…….

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We arrived in Grand Rapids yesterday afternoon & checked into our hotel/apartment to find a nice cleaned floor. So freshly cleaned in fact that I was treated to soaking wet socks moments after removing my shoes. I believe the carpet must have been cleaned w/in an hour of our arrival. I called the office & they said the room was supposed to be ready at 3 (it was then 4pm) & it should only take a few hours to dry. So we went out for dinner w/ our friends Ben & Melody, & Jacob & Kami, & our 5 kids. We had a great time catching up w/ them all again. We haven’t seen Jacob & Kami in a year since they were doing their internship out in California & we were in Ontario.

After dinner we all went to the mall so the kids could play on the “Breakfast Food” play area. They had a great time sliding down the bacon, climbing the banana & jumping on the eggs. Don’t ask me why they chose that theme, but it seems to work for the kids! Chad & I did a little shopping as well since it doesn’t happen too often that we get to the mall together.

We got back to the hotel about 8:30 & the carpets were still wet, so we opened the windows again in the hopes of drying it out a bit faster. By this morning things were pretty much dry again, there were a few wet spots, but the majority was dry. At least we can’t complain that the apartment is dirty b/c it really is very clean.

We took it easy this morning since starting this afternoon we have meetings, graduation, parties, church & family busyness to deal with. The only thing on my agenda today was getting to Costco to buy more diapers for Asher since we were getting low just before we left Ontario.

My parents get in this afternoon & Asher is really looking forward to seeing them again. Chad’s parents & their entourage come in tonight so we have to go down to the train to get them as well. I think we’re going to have alot of fun all being together again.

Saturday Chad finally graduates from Seminary & this is the first time that he’ll be graduating w/o immediate plans to go to school. He’s actually going to get his first real job & we are all so proud of him! 🙂 Hopefully in a few months we’ll have a church lined up & we can move to a house & plan to live in it for more than a year or 2! I am really looking forward to being settled for awhile, although that means I’ll have to change my household cleaning routine of only dusting when we move!

We are really looking forward to catching up w/ all the friends we haven’t seen in the last year (or haven’t seen often) but it’s also going to be difficult to say goodbye to them again so soon since many of them we probably won’t see for years. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay in touch. It’s difficult as a pastor to have friends that really understand what it’s like, so I think it’s very important to hang on to the ones we’ve made in the last 4 years since these are probably the ones who will understand the best.

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I finally got the pictures from our trip loaded into the blogs they pertain to. Scroll through to see them!

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Being a Single Mum

For the past 2 days I have been a single mum. We got back from England on Wednesday afternoon, & on Thursday morning bright & early, Chad left to go on a men’s retreat for church. He’ll be back tomorrow night, & I’ll be quite glad to get him back.

Asher’s been really great I must say, but I do miss having Chad around. It’s nice to have someone ask if you’re coming to bed, if you’d like a bowl of ice cream, or how your day has been. I have been dealing with a bit of jet-lag still, more on Asher’s part than mine. He’s been waking up around 4:30am, but relatively easy to get back to sleep. He got up this morning at 7:30 which was really nice since I didn’t have to have the alarm set at all either.

We’ve just been hanging out at home the past 2 days. I kinda figured that since he hasn’t had much time to play w/ toys the last few weeks & we’ve been on the go pretty steady for the past month it was a nice break for us both, but I think we’re going to go out tomorrow. Part of the reason for my hibernation the past few days has also been the weather. The thermometer says it’s warmish, but as soon as I get outside, the wind freezes me to the core. Perhaps at our next house I’ll invest in a weather station so I’ll know both the temp & the wind chill.

Today I worked on getting our pictures from our trip uploaded to the internet, & I did something a little crafty. This may surprise those of you who know me b/c I am neither creative, nor patient for this type of thing, but I made a scrapbook online. I liked the fact that I will have a nice photo book complete with captions saying where the pictures are taken & what they are of, & yet I didn’t have to cut, trim, paste, glue, or tape any pictures & I really didn’t have to be all that crafty. I will have 56 pages of trip photos sent to my door for under $20. I think that’s a great deal.

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