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The Pizza Shop

Tonight we went out for dinner b/c I had a coupon that was about to expire. Asher was quite excited b/c he quite enjoys going for pizza, and more importantly, he has special toys that we only let him play w/ at restaurants!

As soon as we got in the restaurant Asher asked to have his backpack so he could play w/ his toys. PC told him he had to wait until we were sitting down. Asher quickly hopped up on the bench by the door & said, “I’m sitting down now!” Not exactly what we meant, but it does show that he is listening to us!

When it came time to pay, the waitress took our coupon & returned shortly to inform us that it wasn’t valid in Canada. I got it b/c I subscribed to the email club in the States, but apparently the US & the Canadian restaurants are totally different entities. I can understand that, but when we lived in Ontario that was never an issue! Maybe they just didn’t look at the coupons very well in Ontario & I got lucky…… Can’t complain about that!


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Bye-Bye Brownies

Since having Chancery, I’ve had a HUGE craving for brownies & ice cream. This has lead to Chad & I going out late at night for dessert at local restaurants a few times. I realize that it’s not the most economical way to have brownies & ice cream, so I have also purchased a few boxes of brownies & a few pints of vanilla ice cream. Let’s just say I have had brownies & ice cream for dessert every night for the last 2 weeks…. until last night.

Chancery has been having a bit of difficulty getting to sleep & since I’m nursing, there have been accusations that it’s b/c of something I’m eating. Somehow it was decided (not by myself) that the brownies are to blame b/c of the chocolate content & resultant caffeine content. So, last night I was told that I’m not to have anymore chocolate. Then my loving family proceeded to eat MY brownies & MY ice cream right in front of me whilst telling me how delicious they were! And the hard part is that I’m STILL craving brownies & ice cream….. Isn’t there some validity to the argument that you crave things that your body needs?

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After 2 days of looking at houses (the first day not so good, day 2, much better) I think we MAY have found a house! We have 2 more to look at, but yesterday was not a good day. We looked at about 7 houses & none of them would work for us. There was one that we figured we could live w/ if we had to, but when you are planning on staying in a place for at least 5 years, do you really want to buy a house that you could possibly live in if you HAD to? Doesn’t sound great does it?

So, after a morning of bad houses, an afternoon of driving all around & looking for realtor signs & looking up listings online, we found an espresso shop! I was so excited! They even use Torani Syrups (which in my opinion are the best kind). They didn’t kick us out even though we stayed 1/2 an hour after they closed, & they were very pleasant.

At dinnertime we crossed the street to check out a Fish & Chips place b/c Chad was interested. I’m not a huge fan of fish, so I wasn’t super excited about it, but the owner/chef is a couple from the UK, so we stayed & had some of the best Fish & Chips (Chad) & Chicken & Chips (me) we’ve had this side of the pond. For dessert I had a hard time choosing b/w the deep fried Mars Bar or the deep fried Jam Sandwich. I finally decided to try the sandwich & it was pretty good. A little odd b/c they use the same batter as the fish & chips, so it was a bit fishy, but overall a good way of finishing off a delicious dinner.

After our meal we headed out w/ the list of houses we had found online & drove around to check out each one since we had discovered that sometimes they look MUCH better online than from the curb. We took our list of 15 houses down to 5.

This morning the realtor took us to 3 more houses he had found (one was on our short list) & we may have found a house we really like, but there are still 2 from our list we want to see first. We’re supposed to see 1 tonight & probably the other one tomorrow. We were pretty frustrated after yesterday, so we’re really happy that today has gone alot better. I just hope that we make the right decision & get a house that will really work for us for the next 5 or more years!

Either way though, at least we found a great coffee shop & Chippy!

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Splash Park Saturday

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at Denny’s w/ Grandma & Grandpa. Asher gets so excited about Saturday mornings. We tell him it’s Saturday & he proclaims “Eat Pancakes!” After that we went to the Farmer’s Market w/ Grandma to look at the veggies & get some new potatoes (yum). We met a couple from Burdett where Chad had done his internship 3 years ago & talked to them awhile, then went to the Show & Shine since it was Street Wheeler’s weekend. Most the cars were not out b/c they also had 100 ft races going on at the same time, but we didn’t want to go see the races, so we just went home shortly thereafter.

After lunch & naptime we decided since it was a nice warm day, to take Asher to the splash park. They have one that is downtown that is basically a fountain that you can run through & it randomly shoots water from all the different holes. Chad decided on the way there that he’d rather go to the one by the pool on the West side, so that’s where we went.

It was pretty cold water. Asher & Chad went in & I made sure no one took our stuff. It’s a tough job, but someone has to be on towel-watch! The splash park on the West side is a bit for the older kids though, so I think next time we’ll probably take Asher to the downtown one instead. There are all kinds of buttons you have to push in order to make the water go on & you get pretty wet in most of the areas. It is pretty nice though to have an option for cooling off in the heat that is free. Sure it might be more fun to swim in the pool, but it’s also more expensive!

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We made it to Alberta on Tuesday afternoon. Asher was a trooper (McDonald’s really helped). We stopped at the Alberta border for a picnic lunch, but there were ants EVERYWHERE! They were the red & black kind that are pretty big & they didn’t look like they were very happy. They were really truckin‘ it & they were all over the ground & the picnic tables & the playground, so we packed back up & went to McDonald’s for lunch. It was too bad b/c we were looking forward to having a nice picnic lunch again, but it was nice to be in the air conditioning too.

Asher woke up at 6 yesterday, but we figured he was still adjusting to the time change, so it was ok. He was pretty tired yesterday morning, so we took him out to Costco & Walmart to get a few things & keep him awake ’til naptime. He does enjoy Walmart! Last night Chad & Grandma took him to a playground & he thoroughly enjoyed that. I enjoyed a leisurely bath while they were out.

This morning I heard Asher wake up around 6 & ask to watch Bob the Builder, but that was all he said, then I heard him around 6:30 say that his night-light had come on (it’s on a timer & he can get out of bed when it comes on in the morning), but he went back to sleep until 7, so it was nice that we all got a bit more sleep last night.

We’ve got most of our things unpacked, but I haven’t started on the new-baby gear yet, I just don’t know where I’m going to put all that stuff & I don’t really want to think about it either. Hopefully I’ll get inspired in the next few days to find a good place for it. I think Chad’s mum would like that.

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The day started as a typical Saturday. Asher woke up saying he wanted to go to McDonald’s for Pancakes (he knows the routine). So, once were all ready, off we went. It was raining a bit when we left, but we were hoping that the showers would be over by afternoon b/c today was also our church picnic day.

After breakfast we decided to head to Sarnia b/c Chad has not been to the animal petting farm yet (& it’s free), so off we went. I rained some more on our way, but we figured that Asher would be in the stroller, so as long as it wasn’t actually raining when we got to there it would be ok.

Well, we kinda got sidetracked. First we went to Starbucks. Then we were right next to Goodwill, so I though we should just pop in & see if I could find some maternity shorts. I didn’t find anything there, but I was still in the mood to look & since Value Village was just down the street, we figured we could have a look there too. Once again, no luck, but we were right next to Staples & we’ve been contemplating getting a GPS, so we thought we’d have a look.

We finally got on our way again & saw the CAA, so we stopped there to get maps for our trip from Ontario to Alberta since we don’t have a Canadian atlas & maps are free. Then we went on our merry little way. But Janene had mentioned that she had found some maternity shorts at a consignment shop in Sarnia, so we had to go there…. On our way, Chad saw a sign that the pet shop had puppies, so we HAD to bring Asher in to see those (he was more interested in the fish).

I had no luck at the consignment shop either, but I did get a few longer maternity shirts since mine are starting to show a band of belly which I am not too crazy about. It was getting on 12 o’clock at this point, so we decided to stop for lunch.

After a delicious Subway sub (& cookies) we hightailed it for home since Asher tends to fall asleep in the car immediately after lunch & will not transfer to bed for the remainder of hios nap. So we drove home & kept bugging Asher to keep him awake until we got there so he could have a good nap.

Chad headed off to the chuch picnic shortly thereafter since council was planning a softball game against the youth. Asher & I joined him after naptime. The rain held off until just after the game was over & then it started thundering & pouring & FREEZING! Luckily I had decided against shorts for Asher & I, but Chad was wearing shorts & had no coat, so he was pretty cold.

We stayed just long enough for dinner & then came back home. I think most people were doing the same thing b/c it was pretty miserable & cold & most people were not really prepared for that kind of weather. We came home & gave Asher his bath & Chad & I both commented how nice it would be if we could have a bath as well, but there’s just not enough room! (This is a picture of Asher a year ago in his tub. We only have a shower, so we had to improvise.)

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A Few Asher-isms

Last night Asher & I took Chad out to Dinner @ Jack Astor’s. They were having a special deal where if you ordered a Heineken, you got a free beer glass. Always ones to get free stuff, we went out to celebrate Father’s Day!

We had just gotten out of the car & Chad was asking me if we were going to sit outside or inside, so he’d know if he’d need his sunglasses. Asher piped up, “Sit outside!” & promptly sat down in the parking lot. That boy DOES have good listening skills, I just wish he’d use them as much when we tell him “no.”


As I was putting Asher to bed last night, I asked him if he wanted the cow blanket or the purple blanket. He almost always chooses the cow blanket, so I started to put it on him. He said, “no, PURPLE blanket!” So I put the purple blanket on him instead. He was laying down in the crib, put his feet up in the air, & declared, “SU-PER Asher!”

Yes, we have a strange kid. Chad attributes it to the fact that he spends the bulk of his time with me. I have no comment.

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