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Here’s a little diddy courtesy of my brother.


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Thanks, Computer Man!

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I bought new speakers for my computer. For the summer months when we lived w/ PC’s parents, I didn’t have speakers hooked up to my computer since it was a temporary set-up. I seldom missed them, except when I wanted to preview a new CD to see if I wanted to purchase it or not.

In the last weeks, I have been quite surprised to discover that many of the websites I frequent have music or talking ads. Sometimes they take me by surprise since I have the volume turned up from listening to music last. Suddenly I am blasted w/ a, “Thank you for visiting my site!” At near full volume.

But the QUALITY, oh the quality! You’d never know that the music pumping from our house comes from 2 little speakers no bigger than Bibles (what else would I use to compare them to?). I must give full credit to the man at Future Shop (not the employee who totally ignored me, but the OTHER man at Future Shop) who told me I’d be happy w/ nothing less. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I am totally chuffed w/ THESE little fellas!

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Turn it DOWN!!!

I always have music on. Always. I was the one that got in trouble at work for always being connected to the internet so I could listen to the radio. I rearranged my desk to fit the radio & then had to do it all again when the radio died to fit the new radio. I used to listen to Robbie Williams at work b/c that was the only site that would work to play music continuously. I was thrilled when I won a free MP3 player b/c that meant that when I didn’t have a desk b/c I worked in the file room I didn’t have to give up my music!

Awhile ago we purchased an external hard drive mainly b/c I would be able to upload all our CDs onto it & then play them by genre, artist, CD, year….. Like a radio station of my very own! I got started, it’s taken awhile, but I finally finished putting all our rock/pop music in. I’m 1/2 through loading the Christian CDs, but I’ve had to put the project on hold for awhile b/c there are just other things to do in my spare time. I wish they were all uploaded already b/c there are times I’d really like to listen to some old Amy Grant, or Newsboys, or BeeGees, or Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. I have some quick work to try getting the Christmas CDs done before the season starts (Thankfully since we are in Canada, Christmas doesn’t officially start until December 1st, so that’ll buy me a few extra days!).

We gave my computer a place of honour in the kitchen/dining area so I could use it as my radio when I am cooking & throughout the day. I had to buy special speakers that are small enough to fit on the limited work space. I’m all set to go!

But today I realized I NEVER have music playing anymore. Pastor Chad turned on the music on my computer so I could listen to a song he wanted me to hear. When it was done I told him to just leave it on, but it didn’t last more than 5 minutes. When you have a 2 year-old vying for attnetion, & a baby crying b/c she’s hungry/tired/generally unhappy, music is the one thing I can turn down.

Sometimes I wish the kids had volume switches, I miss the music……

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The Singing Rule

We have a rule in our house that I adopted from my mother-in-law. Apparently whilst growing up (& currently as well), Chad had a habit of singing (or humming) ALL THE TIME. This wasn’t much of a problem, except that he never took notice that he was doing it & it would often happen at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. Sure it was a bit of an annoying habit for everyone else after awhile, but never more so than whilst trying to eat a family meal. So, his mum established THE RULE.

The rule is simply “No humming or singing at the table.” I STILL have to remind Chad quite often while we are trying to have a meal by saying, “no singing at the table, it’s too distracting.” (And let me tell you, the WORST is if we are at a restaurant w/ music playing! Chad will start humming or singing along to THAT if we don’t keep him entertained enough w/ our witty banter!)

So, last night Chad wasn’t home from his seminar yet, & it was just Asher & I at the dinner table. Asher started to sing very softly, but I let it go b/c he was happy & was still eating pretty well. I was finished my meal & just waiting for him to decide if he had had enough. He said, “Mummy sing ‘Where, Oh Where’.” Not really thinking about it, I obliged & he stopped me 3 words into the song w/ a HUGE smile on his face. “No singing at the table, Mummy, too distracting!”


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Ladies Night Out

Last night 6 of us girls from church went out to dinner at Jack Astor’s. I had decided I was craving some Garlic Pan Bread, so that was the place to go. We had a really good time together. It was the first time one of the girls had been able to go, so it was really nice to get to know her in a different setting, b/c we all know that people are just different outside of church!

We got to the restaurant around 6:30 & settled in for a nice long meal. Yes, we started w/ appetizers, went to entrees & shared a dessert (of COURSE we had chocolate cake!). WE had finished eating & were really enjoying eachother’s company when the waitress asked if we could pay up & clear out. I checked the time & it was only 8:30, so we hadn’t been there an exhobitant amount of time, & it wasn’t b/c we were being boisterous either (we weren’t the table loudly singing along to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” & “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, though thinking back, maybe if we had been, they would have left us alone). The waitress simply told us there was another group that had arrived & they needed our table.

One of the girls pointed out that she wasn’t finished her coffee yet & was told, “well, if you could just hurry it along.” Now, I really like the food at J.A., & I have never before had any issues with the staff (except one waiter who tried to bond w/ us a little too much), but I was highly dissapointed on this occasion. I thought the situation could have been dealt with w/ a bit more tact, or perhaps if they had just waited a few more minutes they wouldn’t have had to ask us to leave at all. We were simply waiting for the coffee to be finished!

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Sing a Song

Yesterday Asher & I were riding the bike around & Asher asked me to sing a song. I asked him what song I should sing & he said “You Bet Song.” I told him that I didn’t know that song & asked if he could sing it to me….. Here’s what I got: “Yoooouuuu Bet Sooo-ooong” Apparently it was a very short song. A few minutes later I heard him singing, “Wheels on bike a roud a roud, round a roud…” Kids are great.

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"Music Please!"

We have a 3-disc-changer on our CD player. We usually have a CD for each of us. Chad has number 1, I have number 2, and we put a kids CD in number 3. Asher quite often will ask for music & I ask if he wants Mummy’s music, Daddy’s music or Asher’s music. The other day he asked for Daddy’s music, so I hit number 1 expecting some Nickelback or Finger Eleven….. Instead what I was greeted with was Avril Lavigne singing “Hey, hey, You, you, I don’t like your girlfriend!”
I’ll be the first to admit that Chad & I have diverse music tastes, but it just wasn’t QUITE what I was expecting.

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