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Trick Or Treat!

When I was growing up, my brothers & I were never allowed to go trick or treating. We used to hand out the candies to everyone who came to the door. There was some fun in that, seeing everyone’s costume, seeing how laden down all your friends were w/ bags full of candy……

I didn’t really care about the dressing up part, it was all the candy that I was missing out on! My friends used to share some of their plunder w/ me, but of course they kept all the good stuff for themselves, not that I blame them for that.

I always figured that my parents didn’t want us out wreaking havoc on the neighborhood & generally getting into mischief. And they always made it clear they didn’t want us begging people for candy. So one year my parents were gone the day after Halloween. I was home alone to sit & ponder the unfairness of life & came up w/ a brilliant plan!

I don’t know exactly how old I was, but I know I was at least in grade 6. I decided there were probably alot of older people in the neighborhood that had candy left over that they didn’t want lying around the house tempting them. So I thought I’d help them out by offering to take it off their hands.

I grabbed a few grocery bags & started out on my mission of generosity. I went all around the neighbourhood knocking on doors, ringing bells, & I believe my pitch went something like this, “Halloween clean up crew! Have any extra candy you’d like to get off your hands?”

After I had finished the first street, my friend April had come home from school & I enlisted her help. By the time we had gotten around the whole neighborhood we had 3 bags FULL of candy! We found that most people had not yet moved their candy stashes from the front door of their homes & would dump the entirety in our outstreched arms.

I ended up keeping my loot bag at April’s house b/c I figured my mom might get suspicious if I brought all that candy at home. That one day made up for all the years of having to stay at home!


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Hair Styles

In response to Sarah’s post at Life In The Parsonage, I went back to see how much (or little) my hair has changed over time.

Here’s a picture of me in 1994. Take note of just how blonde/white my hair was. Some curl, mostly frizz.

And in 2005, more of a honey blonde, better taken care of perhaps, not as frizzy, more curl, nice length.

In April of 2006 we have lost some length mainly due to a donation to “Locks of Love” rewarding me w/ a free haircut. What’s 10″ when you are saving $10?

Amazingly, by January of 2007 I’ve gained quite a bit of length back, but my hair is still getting darker.

By May 2007 I had donated again to “Locks of Love”, hence the short hair once again.

August 2008, it took a lot longer for my hair to grow this time. It seemed to have more frizz than curl once again, so I went to a REAL salon & paid big bucks for a REAL haircut!


See the difference? Me neither. Needless to say, I wasn’t super happy w/ my one Salon experience, so I had a girl from church fix it:

Much better! I’m starting to look like a grown up!

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Yay! I’ve finally made it to 100 Posts! As is tradition, here are 100 (hopefully) interesting things about me:

1. I ALWAYS eat candies in pairs, one for each side of my mouth. If I am eating M&M’s they can be any colour, but if I am eating different flavoured candies (like Skittles) they have to be the same colour. Chad usually ends up w/ the odd ones.

2. I usually carry in my pocket: 2 Pony Tail Holders, Chapstick, & a small Swiss Army Knife. This has gotten me in trouble in numerous airports. Since I always carry it, I don’t think about it until I go through the metal detectors. I have had to “surrender” it & replace it probably 5 times.

3. Speaking of candies, I am addicted to Sour Grape Candies. I used to get them from 7-11 in the nickel candies, but my local 7-11 doesn’t carry them. I found them at Mac’s instead & order them by the box….. of 200. Again, I have to eat them in pairs. Sometimes to mix it up, I mix in a few sour Watermelons

4. I DESPISE dusting. When I was growing up I had to dust the house every Saturday, so since I’ve been married I try not to do it at all costs. Luckily we have moved almost every year since we have been married, so it hasn’t gotten too bad, but once Chad gets a job, we’ll be living a bit more permanently (I hope), so I’ll have to start dusting more frequently.

5. I never envisioned being a pastor’s wife. When I met Chad I wanted to be a farmer’s wife & he was actually planning on being a farmer, but his career path took quite the detour & we have discovered that farming is not in his future any longer. Oh, & I’m ok w/ that.

6. When I was in highschool, planning my future, I wanted to be an Algebra teacher b/c I really enjoy Algebra. I also figured I could have the summers off & I could be a long-distance trucker. I wanted to get a Peterbilt.

7. In College I nearly failed Calculus & the lesson planning unit…. teaching was not meant to be in my future…. I still like Algebra.

8. When we were first married, we lived on Chad’s parents’ farm while Chad finished university. I got my chance to drive semi & well, let’s just say, trucking was not meant to be part of my future either.

9. I am NOT a good cook. I once reduced some steaks to black ooze & a bone. Actually quite the interesting story….

10. I do however, love to bake. I think it may have something to do w/ me having a tremendous sweet tooth. I like to really enjoy the fruit of my labour. I’d choose a brownie over a steak any day.

11. I once made cards for all the people on my Christmas list. That was the second year we were married & it added up to about 20 people. Our Christmas list has grown considerably since we have moved so much & is nearing 80. I no longer make the cards we send.

12. I still purchase rubber stamps when I find them that are cheap, even though I know I won’t use them. Hopefully we have a crafty kid somewhere along the line.

13. Our CDs are all organized by Genre (Christian, Rock, Jazz, Kids), which makes sense to most people, and they are alphabetical…. by the artist’s FIRST name. You’ll find Aerosmith rubbing shoulders w/ Alanis Morisette, Eminem beside Emma Bunton, Green Day by Gwen Stefani….. Chad understands my system, but he has issues in the music stores now b/c he can’t figure out why Nelly Furtado isn’t in the “N” Section.

14. I don’t scrapbook b/c I am neither patient enough, nor crafty enough. I get my pictures & put them in a photo album. Job Done.

15. My craftiness is expressed in counted cross stitch. I am half way done making a Christmas Stocking for Chad, but haven’t really worked on it since Asher was born. I am planning on making one for every member of our family at some point…. hopefully before they move out & get married.

16. Beverage of choice: Soda = Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, unfortunately you can’t get it in Canada, so I settle for regular Dr. Pepper. Though I have seen that Walmart carries Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper…. Not sure why they don’t also carry C.V. Dr.P

17. Beverage of choice: Coffee = Creme de Menthe Latte w/ whipped cream (hot) or
Iced Raspberry Latte *(I discovered that there is some chemical reaction when you put whipped cream from a can on an Iced Raspberry Latte that causes it to curdle, so no whip cream please!)

18. I LOVE to put Ketchup on meat of all kids, except ham… that would be wrong. Although Chad thinks it’s disrespectful to put it on salmon & pork & lamb…… I also enjoy a good teriyaki sauce from time to time.

19. When I go to a restaurant I usually end up ordering the exact same thing from it every time. For example, at Red Robin I always order the Teriyaki Chicken Burger…. At IHOP, I always order the Stuffed French Toast Combo… You get the idea!

20. I never needed braces (But for a while I thought they might look nice, so I wanted them).

21. I used to wear LOTS of bracelets & anklets. In grade 8/9 I had 20 bracelets, 10 anklets & I knew who/where each one was from.

22. One bracelet was made out of safety pins from Cross-Country race numbers.

21. I ran Cross-Country (it’s a sport) in highschool. I was district champion twice, & placed 7th in state once.

22. I have a hard time running to the mailbox now…. I am totally out of shape.

23. A kid on my block once showed me that you can smoke the bottom few inches of ferns. I tried it, it tastes like roasted marshmallows.

24. My friend April & I once got in trouble for having a raspberry fight in my parents’ garden. We were supposed to be PICKING them, not THROWING them.

25. In kindergarten I was spanked by the principal.

26. I was spanked b/c a girl who was in grade 8 told me my teeth weren’t sharp, so I bit her on the arm…. HARD (she really should have known better).

27. She still gave me the kitten she had promised…. I don’t think I would have.

28. I have never owned a dog. The closest I came was when I married Chad. The farm dog liked him best, & eventually grew to tolerate me too.

29. When we moved onto the farm after a year of marriage, the dog peed on our house, Chad’s bike, our grill, our lawn chairs (each individual one), & our broom. I think he was marking Chad as his territory.

30. I used to enjoy riding in the grain trucks w/ Chad during harvest on the farm. I’d take crossword puzzles along & if I couldn’t figure out the answer I’d get on the radio & ask the hired men. I don’t think my father-in-law liked that very much though.

31. Chad’s Mum tried to teach me to cook once. She likes to cook by feel, I have to cook w/ specific instructions & measurements. I will never be as good a cook as her.

32. I never had asparagus until after I was married. We went to dinner at a friends’ house & I had no idea what it was.

33. I ADORE sautéed asparagus w/ a little garlic & sea salt.

34. I always hated Kohlrabi while growing up, but I have grown to really like that too.

35. One summer, Katie & I spent playing Monopoly & listening to Madonna’s “True Blue” cassette. I still think of playing Monopoly on Katie’s bunkbed every time I hear one of those songs.

36. Katie & I also watched Top Gun about 100 times that summer.

37. I enjoy getting things organised if I can focus on that & only that until I can finish the job.

38. I believe it has been a blessing that I never got my college degree b/c I would have felt like I needed to get a job in a certain field.

39. I was able to support Chad & I for 7 years while he was in school before we had Asher, so my jobs have been pretty good.

41. I have (mostly) enjoyed every job I’ve had since we got married.

42. April & Katie & I used to spend HOURS playing w/ Lego at my house. I was a bit of a control freak & if I didn’t like what they made, I’d make them take it apart & make something more suitable.

43. Perhaps one of the many things I loved about Chad when we met was that he has 2 HUGE Rubbermaid containers of Lego. He has all the “City” buildings (hospital, Police Station, Fire station, etc).

44. Chad’s sisters organized it & put it away. It’s all colour coded. Blue, Red, Green, White. I tried once to sort it all out. I think we’ll have to have a Youth Group Lego night sometime.

45. When I worked as a Mail Order Manager, I would sometimes retreat to the washroom b/c no one could bother me there. I’d enjoy the peace & quiet for awhile, then go back to work.

46. When I worked as a Switchboard Operator, I became addicted to Ebay & bought many, many CDs from my highschool & college days…… & some board games…… & some books.

47. I cannot use chopsticks

48. I HATE to be the first person in the door of a place I’ve never been before, be it a restaurant, someone’s house, whatever. I’ll hold open the door for Chad instead….. He says that looks funny, but that’s ok w/ me.

49. I love to swim in the ocean…… if it’s warm enough.

50. I enjoy Hawaiian pizza, but always pick the pineapple off. I like the TASTE of them, but not to actually eat them. I usually give them to Asher.

51. I was banned from bringing the game “Encore” to a pastor’s wives group I was in b/c I knew more songs than anyone.

52. I really enjoy playing card/board games w/ friends & family.

53. I have not worn make-up in about 5 years…..none.

54. I think I’m too lazy to put it on & take it off.

55. When I was in grade 7 I was finally allowed to wear make-up & went a bit overboard. I looked like a raccoon.

56. Chad & I met the first day of my second year of college (it was his first).

57. We started dating a week later (in September).

58. We got engaged at Christmas.

59. Married in July. We knew each other 10.5 months.

60. We’ve been married almost 9 years…. We still like eachother. 🙂

61. We moved to Canada after we got married & Chad was not old enough yet to sponsor me for immigration.

62. I was 20 & Chad was 18 when we married.

63. When I was in highschool, my youth group leader hit me in the head (accidentally) w/ a softball. I got to ride in an ambulance to the hospital for observation. I kept telling them I had to go home & finish my Calculus homework.

64. I enjoy grocery shopping, but I buy too many sweets I don’t need….. I’m getting better though.

65. I have not had a hairstyle that I’ve really liked in the last 7 years or so…. Again, I think I’m too lazy to have to do much w/ it, so I leave it long so I can put it in a pony tail.

66. I cannot stand moths. They always flutter by my face or ears & get stuck in my hair…. it’s not pleasant. Chad asks, “What are they going to do to you, get you dusty?” I heard a story once of a lady who kept hearing wind in her ear & went to the Doctor. She had a MOTH in her ear! SEE WHAT THEY CAN DO TO YOU????

67. I’ve never broken a bone.

Aren’t you fascinated by all this info?

68. I once was hospitalized overnight for being dehydrated, the doctor first thought I was high.

69. My favourite Ice Cream is Ben & Jerry’s “One Sweet Whirled” (Inspired by the Dave Matthew’s Band). We used to stop by the Ben & Jerry’s in Trafalgar Square after eating at Wong Kei’s in London & I’d always get a scoop of that w/ “Phish Food” or “Koffe, Koffe, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.” (Unfortunately it’s been discontinued, which explains why I haven’t been able to find it)

70. I’m pretty sarcastic. I’ve really had to tone it down, in highschool it was a bit out of control.

71. I’m sorry there aren’t graphics to go w/ all my fine points down here, I know it makes it more interesting, but I got tired of uploading them all…. Like I said, I’m sorry.

72. I hate being cold.

73. When the weather is hot, I’m happy…. if I can cool myself off sufficiently.

74. I really like the water…. I think I may have mentioned that before.

75. I used to make lists for everything, but I found that I could never remember things on my own, so I stopped making them…. except for major things, like moving.

76. Chad took away the pen & paper by my bed shortly after we were married b/c I would turn the light on & off all night to add things to my list.

77. I sleep alot better now.

78. Except when I have Hot Feet.

79. I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, especially if I know them, but there are also some very funny people I don’t know whose blogs I thoroughly enjoy.

80. I enjoy getting together w/ Chad’s family as much as my own. I know I’m very fortunate to really like all my in-laws (I just hope they all like me too!)

81. I buy almost all of my family’s clothes second-hand (except socks & underwear b/c that’s gross).

82. I am VERY out of touch w/ how much new clothes cost…. it ASTOUNDS me that people would spend more than $7 on a T-Shirt.

83. I enjoy being pregnant….. having the kids afterwards???? That’s alot of work!

84. I have gastroparesis, which means my stomach takes longer than normal to empty, but I also have a high metabolism, meaning I can eat almost whatever I want w/o gaining weight…. figure that out.

85. When we lived on the farm I let a cat have it’s kittens on our couch (on many, many towels) so I could watch. It was fascinating!

86. She wasn’t so happy when I put them all outside in the cat-house after that. She kept bringing them back inside every time I opened the door.

87. Since Chad & I were married nearly 99 years ago, we have lived in 3 countries, 2 provinces, 1 state, & 7 houses/apartments, not counting the month here & there when we lived w/ his parents b/w moves.

88. I know all the phone numbers we’ve had except one.

89. I can easily remember numbers for bank accounts, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc., but sometimes can’t remember which one is current.

90. I slept w/ my stuffed dog “Ralph” until we were married. Chad made me choose him or the dog. Ralph moved to the dresser.

91. I took calculus in highschool & passed it only b/c my teacher basically stood over me & told me the answers to the final. I did pass Calculus on my own in college… barely, b/c I had a LOT of tutoring. I don’t think I was really applying myself either time.

92. I’ve never been to public school.

93. When I was growing up, my elderly neighbours had a boxer & since I didn’t have a dog & wanted one, they let me walk it whenever my heart desired. She used to pull me on my skateboard up & down the street chasing cars.

94. When I was pregnant w/ Asher I craved breakfast foods all the time & Chad finally put his foot down & stopped taking me to IHOP.

95. In college I had 6 piercings in my ears & am now down to 3. My parents were not very happy about all those “holes,” but I told them I’d grow out of it & I did…. less than a year later.

96. My favourite show is “The Office” I like BBC version too, it’s a bit dirtier, but quite true to the office life I experienced while working in London.

97. I’m quite shy until I get to know people, then become very extroverted.

98. I was fired from a coffee shop I worked at for laying in the grass & reading a book b/w customers.

99. I used enjoy diagramming sentences.

100. Up until I was about 16, my hair was white-blonde…. now, it’s brownish…. You can imagine my delight when in grade 7 we had the vocabulary word “hoary.”

Well, I hope you have enjoyed learning all these FASCINATING facts about me! When you get to your 100th post, let me know b/c it’s your turn! I really enjoy getting to know more about my internet friends, & am looking forward to reading yours!

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What Time Are You?

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“What are your feelings about your impending bundle of joy? are you hoping for a boy or girl? do you have any names picked out? what does asher think about a baby coming?”

Well, I am both excited & apprehensive about the new baby…. I really enjoy being pregnant, I don’t really have much to complain about. I’ve had stomach issues for the past 5 years, so being pregnant isn’t that much more uncomfortable…. plus, you get to feel a little person wiggling around inside of you, that’s definitely the coolest part!

I am kind of hoping for another boy. I have 2 older brothers & I am the youngest, so why not try to have the perfect family? *smile* I would like to have a girl as well, but I think Asher would really enjoy having a brother to play with first. Whatever we get, we’ll be happy. I think if we have a girl though, there might be the temptation to stop after 2, & we both would like to have 3 kids. I’m just not too terribly great with kids, so there is that to overcome!

We do have names picked out. When we were having Asher we figured we were probably going to have a boy b/c we just couldn’t agree on a boys name until about a week before he was born. This time we have agreed & we like them, so we have no inkling of what we’ll be having. Of course, you’ll just have to wait until the baby’s born to find out the names b/c if we told you now, who’s to say they won’t get stolen? We like unique names, & these are definitely that.

Asher doesn’t really get it that we are going to have a baby. We’ve told him there’s a baby in Mummy’s belly, but then he also says there’s a baby in Daddy’s belly. He gives kisses to the baby, but he aims a little high (if you get what I mean) he is all boy!

Today I was complaining that I couldn’t eat all my pizza b/c my belly was too big & all on his own Asher said there was a baby in Mummy’s belly, so I suppose we are making some progress there. I just don’t know what he’s going to think about it when the baby comes home & Mummy’s belly is flat again. He’s been having some issues with sitting on my lap for bedtime. It’s quite rapidly decreasing in size & it’s getting harder & harder for him to get comfy on it.

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In an attempt to come up with something interesting to write (and something interesting for you to read), I have decided to ask you, Dear Reader, what you would like to know about me. Perhaps this will initiate some communication as I have no idea who reads this, or how many people read this. I admit that this is getting out of thinking for myself, but the way my memory has been (not) working lately, that’s probably a good thing. I await your responses (and hope I get some, or I will be very depressed).

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I found this on a blog I read & thought it looked fun, so here it goes:

What was I doing ten years ago (1998):
*Going to Dordt College
*Studying for Finals
*Worrying about my future
*Getting ready to go home for the summer
*Enjoying hanging out w/ my friends w/o much real responsibility

5 things on my to-do list today:
*Get some groceries
*Bake a cake
*Figure something out for dinner
*Take a nap

5 snacks I enjoy:
*Sour Grape Candies
*Hot Tamales
*Ice Cream
*Hostess Suzy-Qs
*Soft Homemade cookies or brownies

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
*Hire a maid
*Go live in England
*give to my church
*Save for kids’ college

5 bad habits:
*staying up too late
*not cleaning the house
*not eating healthy
*not working out
*spending too much money on good deals

5 places I have lived:
*Poulsbo, Washington
*Claresholm, Alberta
*London, England
*Grand Rapids, Michigan
*Strathroy, Onatrio

5 jobs I have had:
*Espresso Barista in drive-thru espresso stand (great for someone who loves Lattes)
*Drive-Thru at McDonald’s (great for someone who loves Grilled Chicken Sandwiches)
*Mail order Manager at Frontier Western Shop (great b/c I didn’t have to deal w/ customers face to face)
*Switchboard Operator at Charles Russell Solicitors (great b/c I could check email all day)
*Medical Assistant at East Paris Internal Medicine (great b/c we had free lunches everyday)

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