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Check It Out!

I might still look slightly pregnant, but I’m NOT! Less than 24 hours after my Dr told me I’d be pregnant for the duration of FOREVER, my water broke! (And I managed to keep the sheets clean).

At 2am my water broke & off we went to the hospital. I was put into a triage room where they evaluate to see if you’ll be staying or going home. The person in the next bed kept me entertained b/c apparently she was not enjoying her pregnancy. She was about 28 weeks & had come in b/c she was having some contractions. The nurses verified they were braxton-hicks, but the woman was determined. She asked what her chances were of having the baby that day & was told “not likely.” She then asked if they could call the doctor b/c she wanted to have the baby out (though I could relate, I wasn’t that eager at 28 weeks yet). The nurses assured her that if she were to go into labour, the Drs would do all they could to STOP it & that no Dr would induce labour at 28 weeks. The lady also mentioned at one point that she wanted to take the baby home & not keep it in the hospital for any length of time…… I was entertained!

So, they decided to keep me around & moved me into a birthing room, where I read my book, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, & slept until around 9 when they gave me some oxytocin to get some action started. At 10:30 I decided I knew enough about pain & got some morphine. And at 11:07 our daughter Chancery Lane was born!

Chad, in all his kindness, said I make a good cow….. I have easy labours. I was just glad that my child was a bit smaller than a bovine. And she was on the small end, at 6lbs 4oz & 20.5 inches. Welcome to the world, baby girl!


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The Cruelest Words

I had another DR appointment today. I was eager to find out if this baby is any closer to coming out. Not b/c I really want to meet it, not b/c I’m uncomfortable, but b/c we have a moving deadline & the older the baby is, the easier the trip will be.

So, off I went. I saw the Dr. I haven’t grown at all in the last week. He listened to the heartbeat, measured the tummy & checked that the head is still down. Then he said….. “ok, see you next week!”

How cruel! I got home & Chad asked, “Well, what’s the news?” ….. I don’t think this baby wants to be born in Alberta. I think it wants to be born on our road trip. He simply said see you next week. Chad asked if he checked to see how far I’m dilated. No, he did not. “Well, you need to tell him to check that!” But I don’t want to be one of “those” patients who thinks they know more than the Dr. He’s the one who’s gone to school for it & delivered countless babies. I suppose when “Baby X” is good & ready it’ll come out & until then I just have to find a way to try to hurry it along a little!

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Over the last week there have been many exciting developments. I was asked at the grocery store if I was pregnant, which Chad & I found quite humorous, since I have only 3 weeks to go. But many people have said I am not very big. From the back you can’t really tell that I am pregnant at all, so I suppose I don’t look as far along as I am, but “Are you pregnant?” I’d have to have something incredibly wrong w/ me to look like this & not be pregnant!

I didn’t have to worry about them stopping me from flying b/c I don’t really look like I’m in my 9th month. On one of the flights we were seated in the emergency exit row & the stewardess asked if we felt comfortable to perform the duties of the row & we said yes. Then she came back a few minutes later & asked, “wait, are you pregnant?” “Yes,” I replied & she said she’d have to re-seat us b/c she hadn’t realised that at first & apparently pregnant people aren’t allowed to sit in the exit rows.

We did end up buying the house we had looked at. The offer was accepted Saturday night, we set up the mortgage, insurance, got a lawyer & did all the little things we had to do before we left PEI, so we feel good about getting all that done. We didn’t have much of a holiday, but it feels really good to not have to worry about any of that. We’ll close on Sept 22, so we can move in then.

I saw the Doctor today & he said he’s going w/ a due date of Aug 26. Can we just say THIS BABY IS NEVER COMING OUT!!!!” Normally I wouldn’t mind. Asher was overdue by a few days, but it was ok b/c I figure the more days he was inside, the more nights I got to sleep through the night before he came out. But this time we have a bit of a deadline. We have to get to PEI by the 19th of Sept, & we want to be in Ontario for the 14th of Sept, meaning we have to leave here by the 8th of Sept. Having Baptism on the 7th, but I’m not especially looking forward to travelling w/ such a small baby. I was hoping for a month to get everything figured out before we had to go.

They’ve already moved the due date from Aug 10 to the 21st & now to the 26th. Pretty soon I won’t have a baby, but a giraffe! (I believe giraffes gestate for about 26 months).

Oh well, I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it by worrying or ranting, so we’ll just wait until the little one is ready to make it’s appearance. I suppose it might be a good time to pack my bag for the hospital & get the baby clothes out as well.

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A New Timeline

The other day I had another OB appointment. I am to the point where I see a different doctor everytime I go so that I can meet them all before I have the baby. O f course, I’m not having the baby here, but they didn’t know that, so I was meeting them.

The last time I was there, the doctor asked if I was small when I was pregnant w/ Asher too. Well, I don’t know really. I didn’t gain a whole lot of excess weight, but I certainly got a big belly by the end. Then she asked if I was on a 28 day cycle…. well, not so much. So she changed my due date.

This time I saw a male doctor, & he said that since the ultrasound pictures had been a bit small for the time frame & I was more than 28 days, the new due date was August 21 instead of Aug 10. Then he asked if I was ok w/ that. Let me tell you, people are not expecting to hear that you’d rather have the baby inside for longer b/c it’s quieter that way!

I am GREAT w/ having the baby later for that reason, but it does change things a bit for taking a call to a church somewhere. Our timeline has kinda been that we’d be in Alberta until the end of August & then move to wherever we are going, but I REALLY don’t want to drive across the country 10 days after I have the baby, although at that point it will probably sleep most the way, nights will probably be another story. Asher was awake almost every 2 hours & was a Looooong nurser. That could make for an interesting trip.

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I thought since I’ve been gone the past few days, that you’d be DYING to know how my eye has been doing. There was so much drama about it last week that I couldn’t just let the story die w/o filling you in on what has happened.

On Friday Chad & I brought Asher over to our friends’ house for the weekend b/c we were going to Prince Edward Island to visit a church out there. The Optometrist had squeezed me in b/w patients in order to check that my eye was getting better. Much to her surprise not only was my eye NOT better, but the infection had spread to the other eye as well. I had started putting drops in both eyes, but since the right eye wasn’t as bad as the left I put the weaker, first prescription in the right eye & the stronger, second prescription in the left. Plus I was putting the allergy drops in the left as well since she had told me to do that.

So, Chad dropped me off at the optometrist for my appointment. She took a quick look & told me to keep up what I was doing & take the allergy drops in both eyes. So four times a day I was supposed to put four drops in each eye. It can become quite difficult to put that much liquid in your eye & expect it to stay there & not leak out, but somehow I managed for most of the weekend. I got a bit lax about it by Sunday, but by that time it was pretty much better in both eyes.

Chad said this morning that it looked like I was over it, but my left eye still looked a bit puffy. I have stopped taking the medication & haven’t suffered any ill effects yet. I may have to get some botox for the left eye though b/c it does really look a bit saggy, but I suppose that’s what happens when your eye is swollen for 10 days.

I am supposed to call the optometrist again in order to set up an appointment for an eye exam since I was charged for one as a new patient visit, but still haven’t actually received it yet. I’m a little bit worried about it b/c my left eye still seems a little blurry. I always thought that it would be cool to need glasses b/c they can be such a fun fashion accessory, but now that that might be a slight possibility, I don’t think I’m so keen on it any more.

So, that’s pretty much that. I hope it’s all done with now. Asher never got it, so I am very glad about that. PEI was great. The island was beautiful, we had good weather all weekend, & the people were really friendly. It was nice to fly & not have Asher along…. it was a bit more relaxing than we are used to these days. Asher did fine for the people he stayed with. He told them they weren’t allowed to sing at the table. He also woke them up quite early every day, so I’m sure they will be thankful that he’s back home now. Hopefully now that he’s back home he decides to sleep in in the mornings again!

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Today I had my appointment w/ the optometrist. She didn’t seem to know I was there for an infection even though I told them on the phone & also put it on the form where it asked, “reason for today’s visit.” She kept asking me to open my eye further & finally asked, “do you have an infection or something?”

Now, really, if she is looking intently into my (partially closed) eye, shouldn’t she be able to SEE that I have an infection? I said, “yes, that’s why I am here.” So she looked around a bit & told me it just looked like I had a bit of pink eye & told me to keep taking the antibiotic drops I got yesterday & also told me to get some over-the-counter drops to stop the itching.

So, back to the pharmacy I went for more drops. The kind pharmasist wasn’t there today, so no more sympathetic looks for me. I wasn’t recognized this time (maybe that was due to my incognito status since I was wearing my sunglasses). I finally found them & went back home.

I’m supposed to put the new drops in 4 times a day, 2 drops each time. So I went to put some in right away to help w/ the itching. It was like putting FIRE in my eye. I only managed one drop b/c the burning was so bad, but as Chad helpfully pointed out, “you don’t notice the itch anymore though, do you?”

I have ANOTHER follow-up appointment w/ the optometrist on Friday just to make sure it’s getting better. I just am very thankful that Asher has not gotten it b/c it would not be easy to put drops in his eyes. He’s great about taking medicine, but I think this would be a different story. I just don’t understand why it’s taking so long to clear up either. I though pink eye was a 2-3 day think, not a whole week!


Asher had a case of what the doctor figured was strep throat last week, so he was on medication for a week. During that time we added “please help the medicine to work” to his meal-time prayers. Now that I have medicine, we are praying “please helps Mummy’s medicine to work.” Although he has changed it to “please help Mummy’s medicine in the eye, in the eye, in the eye (yes he does sound like a broken record, I think he forgets the end w/o some help), to work.” It’s very cute, but I’m not certain I can say it’s helping any more than the actual medication is at this point.

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Third Time’s a Charm??

So, as I posted here, I have pink eye. I went to the Doctor on Thursday morning & he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic & told me if it wasn’t better by Saturday to go to the ER. Well, Saturday rolled around & I had no relief. My eye was gunky, itchy, puffy… you name a symptom of Pink Eye & I had it.

Chad kindly brought me to the ER nice & early (for a Saturday). We beat the rush by getting there by 8:45. While I was being checked in Chad was chasing Asher around & it was getting more & more difficult to keep him occupied, so I told Chad he could go home & I’d call him when I was done. I only had to wait in the waiting room about 1/2 an hour before they called me back as there were only 2 people ahead of me. I figured that was a good sign…..

The nurse took me back, had a cursory look at my eye & told me the Doctor would be in shortly to examine it more thoroughly. So I sat & waited, & waited, & waited. I nearly fell asleep numerous times. An hour & a half later the doctor finally came in. Why I couldn’t have waited in the waiting room I do not know, but I think it’s a bit cruel to take someone out of the room w/ the TV & magazines & put them in the room where the only thing to do to while away the time is read the eye chart.

So, the doctor had a look & said that what I had was “Epidemic Viral Conjunctivitis.” Which is basically a fancy way of saying that my eye was worse than it had been. She likened it to when you have the flu & it becomes pneumonia. I had Pink Eye & it became this. So she gave me another prescription for another antibiotic & said if it wasn’t better by Monday to go see an Optometrist.

I called the optometrist today & the optometrist wasn’t in, but they gave me an appointment for tomorrow. In the meantime, I had a prenatal appointment today so I went to that & the doctor took pity on me & gave me ANOTHER prescription for ANOTHER antibiotic. I went to the pharmacy & the pharmacist gave me such a pitying look! She asked, “You’re back for MORE?” Oh ya, it’s pretty sad when the pharmacist knows you on sight & you’ve never even been to that pharmacy before a week ago.

So, hopefully THIS medication will do the trick, but apparently I have mystified the doctors that have seen it so far b/c they have never seen a case go on this long & not transfer to the other eye or anyone else. I am still going to see the optometrist tomorrow, especially after hearing that. Next thing I know my eyeball will just corrode away or something crazy like that. I am very thankful though that it’s not in my other eye as well b/c it would be very hard to go through the day w/ BOTH eyes mostly closed! Wish me luck tomorrow!

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