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Check It Out!

I might still look slightly pregnant, but I’m NOT! Less than 24 hours after my Dr told me I’d be pregnant for the duration of FOREVER, my water broke! (And I managed to keep the sheets clean).

At 2am my water broke & off we went to the hospital. I was put into a triage room where they evaluate to see if you’ll be staying or going home. The person in the next bed kept me entertained b/c apparently she was not enjoying her pregnancy. She was about 28 weeks & had come in b/c she was having some contractions. The nurses verified they were braxton-hicks, but the woman was determined. She asked what her chances were of having the baby that day & was told “not likely.” She then asked if they could call the doctor b/c she wanted to have the baby out (though I could relate, I wasn’t that eager at 28 weeks yet). The nurses assured her that if she were to go into labour, the Drs would do all they could to STOP it & that no Dr would induce labour at 28 weeks. The lady also mentioned at one point that she wanted to take the baby home & not keep it in the hospital for any length of time…… I was entertained!

So, they decided to keep me around & moved me into a birthing room, where I read my book, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, & slept until around 9 when they gave me some oxytocin to get some action started. At 10:30 I decided I knew enough about pain & got some morphine. And at 11:07 our daughter Chancery Lane was born!

Chad, in all his kindness, said I make a good cow….. I have easy labours. I was just glad that my child was a bit smaller than a bovine. And she was on the small end, at 6lbs 4oz & 20.5 inches. Welcome to the world, baby girl!


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The Cruelest Words

I had another DR appointment today. I was eager to find out if this baby is any closer to coming out. Not b/c I really want to meet it, not b/c I’m uncomfortable, but b/c we have a moving deadline & the older the baby is, the easier the trip will be.

So, off I went. I saw the Dr. I haven’t grown at all in the last week. He listened to the heartbeat, measured the tummy & checked that the head is still down. Then he said….. “ok, see you next week!”

How cruel! I got home & Chad asked, “Well, what’s the news?” ….. I don’t think this baby wants to be born in Alberta. I think it wants to be born on our road trip. He simply said see you next week. Chad asked if he checked to see how far I’m dilated. No, he did not. “Well, you need to tell him to check that!” But I don’t want to be one of “those” patients who thinks they know more than the Dr. He’s the one who’s gone to school for it & delivered countless babies. I suppose when “Baby X” is good & ready it’ll come out & until then I just have to find a way to try to hurry it along a little!

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Over the last week there have been many exciting developments. I was asked at the grocery store if I was pregnant, which Chad & I found quite humorous, since I have only 3 weeks to go. But many people have said I am not very big. From the back you can’t really tell that I am pregnant at all, so I suppose I don’t look as far along as I am, but “Are you pregnant?” I’d have to have something incredibly wrong w/ me to look like this & not be pregnant!

I didn’t have to worry about them stopping me from flying b/c I don’t really look like I’m in my 9th month. On one of the flights we were seated in the emergency exit row & the stewardess asked if we felt comfortable to perform the duties of the row & we said yes. Then she came back a few minutes later & asked, “wait, are you pregnant?” “Yes,” I replied & she said she’d have to re-seat us b/c she hadn’t realised that at first & apparently pregnant people aren’t allowed to sit in the exit rows.

We did end up buying the house we had looked at. The offer was accepted Saturday night, we set up the mortgage, insurance, got a lawyer & did all the little things we had to do before we left PEI, so we feel good about getting all that done. We didn’t have much of a holiday, but it feels really good to not have to worry about any of that. We’ll close on Sept 22, so we can move in then.

I saw the Doctor today & he said he’s going w/ a due date of Aug 26. Can we just say THIS BABY IS NEVER COMING OUT!!!!” Normally I wouldn’t mind. Asher was overdue by a few days, but it was ok b/c I figure the more days he was inside, the more nights I got to sleep through the night before he came out. But this time we have a bit of a deadline. We have to get to PEI by the 19th of Sept, & we want to be in Ontario for the 14th of Sept, meaning we have to leave here by the 8th of Sept. Having Baptism on the 7th, but I’m not especially looking forward to travelling w/ such a small baby. I was hoping for a month to get everything figured out before we had to go.

They’ve already moved the due date from Aug 10 to the 21st & now to the 26th. Pretty soon I won’t have a baby, but a giraffe! (I believe giraffes gestate for about 26 months).

Oh well, I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it by worrying or ranting, so we’ll just wait until the little one is ready to make it’s appearance. I suppose it might be a good time to pack my bag for the hospital & get the baby clothes out as well.

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In September we will be moving out to Prince Edward Island. After much deliberation & prayer we accepted the call to go out there. So after the baby is born at the end of August we’ll be making preparations to make a very loooong road trip from Alberta to PEI. We must have a masochistic side.

So, in the mean time Chad & I are planning on flying out to PEI next week for a week to go house hunting. We’ve been in contact w/ a realtor out there who has sent us property info for over 25 homes & we’ve been trying to narrow that down to about 10 to start looking at when we get there next week. It’s quite a difficult proposition. Some of the hosues really sound great & then you start to look through the pictures only to discover that the house was decorated in the 70’s complete w/ green, brown, & copper carpeting. The walls were papered w/ rust & brown striped wallpaper w/ floral bouquets. The cupboards are an appealing stained plywood……

Other houses are really hard to figure out b/c you have no layout of the house you are left to a few pictures & your imagination to try to figure out if the kitchen is near the living room or not. Some houses only have a few pictures of the outside & a picture of the kitchen. None of the bedrooms or the rest of the house.

I think we’ve got our short list now, I hope we find something we really will like while we are there next week. Of course, my main concern is that “Baby X” will wait at leat until August to make it’s appearance b/c anything earlier than that & we may have a PEI baby instead of an Albertan! Yikes!

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I really enjoy reading people’s blogs. One thing that makes it more enjoyable is regular posts so I remember who the person is & keep up w/ their lives. On that note, I want to apologize to you, dear reader, for my recent lack of posts. Here comes the explanation…..

We recently moved in w/ my in-laws. This in itself, is not a reason to stop blogging.

We have internet (obviously), so I should be able to keep up to date a bit, but the problem is that I am now sharing a computer w/ Chad. This also should not be an issue.

We brought our desk-top computer along as well, but it seems a bit silly to pull all the pieces out of the box to set it up for just a few months, so here I am, trying to vie for a little computer time here & there.

I am no longer blogging during Asher’s nap b/c I am tired. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really have much to do here, it’s like a vacation! I have no cooking to do, I realyly only have to keep our bedroom & washroom tidy, & do our laundry every now & then, but trying to keep a 2 year old entertained in a none kid-proofed, new environment, can be tricky & tiring. Not to mention that I have about 6 weeks left until “Baby X” makes it’s appearance into the world & I get NO chance to sleep for the next year (does that sound a bit pessimistic?).

So, hopefully I will be able to keep up w/ blogging, even if it’s not everyday anymore. It’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about. We still have a funny kid, we’re going to new & exciting places, I just haven’t found the time to get it from my head to the computer.

So, there’s my explanation, here’s the apology…..

I’m really, really sorry if I’m not writing as regularly as you’d like, I’ll try to be better, please, PLEASE don’t give up on me!

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I Feel Tired

I suppose it’s par-for-the-course that when I am 7 1/2 – 8 months pregnant I would feel tired. Of course it may also have to do with taking a long road trip last week, or the fact that the boy is waking up before 6 in the mornings, or the fact that the toy room is down 2 stories from the bedrooms, but I feel like doing NOTHING!

This is a problem for a few reasons…..

  1. Asher doesn’t understand why I don’t want to go running down the hill w/ him.
  2. Asher doesn’t always listen when I tell him to do something & needs to be manhandled/dragged to do my bidding.
  3. I should really try to stay a little fit so that labour isn’t too taxing on my body.
  4. We are living w/ my in-laws & don’t really want to be viewed as the very lazy person I might be coming across as.

So I am trying to convince myself to remove my posterior from the chair it seems to be glued to, but it seems there is some sort of magnetic field that pulls me toward any other chair in the vicinity. Seriously, last night I got out of one chair, simply to relocate a mere 5 paces later to another chair w/in the same room. Kind of defeats the purpose, but I suppose 5 paces of exercise is better than nothing!

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Packing Up

Chad & I are busy packing up all our stuff. It’s a bit of a struggle, but we are making really good progress. We have taken all the boxes out of the storage room & gone through all the baby stuff to decide what we’ll need in Alberta & what we can wait for.

We’ve packed all the things in the laundry room which included all the kitchen things like the rice cooker, crock pot, corningware, etc. We had to stop at that point b/c we started getting carried away & headed toward the kitchen stuff. At one point had we kept going we’d have nothing to eat for breakfast the next few days.

The items from the desk have been packed, which has become an issue already b/c all the rubberbands are gone…. How are we supposed to wrap electrical cords now? We did leave out a few pens, but we don’t really have any paper to write things on….. I suppose we could write ourselves notes on boxes, but w/ our luck the box would get moved & we’d have no idea where that person’s phone number went…….

All the books & art got packed before the weekend & now our living room echoes…. echoes… echoes….

Asher is enjoying being at daycare this week. Yesterday he managed to talk his way out of a nap there, but fell asleep on the couch about 20 minutes before we picked him up. This resulted in him sleeping in ’til quarter after 7 this morning! Of course b/c he is always awake at quarter ‘TIL 7 most mornings, I woke up then & couldn’t get back to sleep……

This morning Asher woke up & asked to play w/ his trucks, BUT we got a little carried away in packing his room yesterday & the only toys that are left are ones that we are going to get rid of, so there were no trucks. We did leave about 1/2 of his books out, but since he couldn’t play w/ toys while we got ready, one of us had to read to him while the other got ready this morning, so we were a bit later than usual. That’s ok though, we aren’t really in a huge rush.

It’s been really enjoyable having Chad around w/o Asher. I know that sounds bad, but normally one of us is preoccupied w/ Asher so we don’t really spend all that much time talking & just BEING together.

This morning we got started packing our room. We’re pretty much done, though it was not a whole lot of fun. We had to go through all our clothes & decide what we’re going to wear in the next 2 months, pack THAT stuff to take to Alberta, & then pack the rest of the stuff for storage. For me, that consists of maternity clothes & post-maternity clothes…. It’s not so easy to decide what clothes are going to fit after you have the baby, when you are currently 7 months pregnant…. How skinny will you be 2 weeks after your baby is born? What clothes (that you haven’t even THOUGHT about looking at in the last 5 months) will you be able to/want to wear in 2 months?

Pretty much all that’s left now is the washroom & the rest of the kitchen stuff. That shouldn’t take us too long. We have ’til Thursday night when all the people come to load the trailer, but I think we should be able to be done sometime tomorrow. It’s nice that we are so good at packing b/c I would NOT like to feel rushed doing this. It’s nice to be able to relax in the evenings & not feel like we should be packing. Besides, I’m PREGNANT! I should be taking it easy, eh?

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