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Trick Or Treat!

When I was growing up, my brothers & I were never allowed to go trick or treating. We used to hand out the candies to everyone who came to the door. There was some fun in that, seeing everyone’s costume, seeing how laden down all your friends were w/ bags full of candy……

I didn’t really care about the dressing up part, it was all the candy that I was missing out on! My friends used to share some of their plunder w/ me, but of course they kept all the good stuff for themselves, not that I blame them for that.

I always figured that my parents didn’t want us out wreaking havoc on the neighborhood & generally getting into mischief. And they always made it clear they didn’t want us begging people for candy. So one year my parents were gone the day after Halloween. I was home alone to sit & ponder the unfairness of life & came up w/ a brilliant plan!

I don’t know exactly how old I was, but I know I was at least in grade 6. I decided there were probably alot of older people in the neighborhood that had candy left over that they didn’t want lying around the house tempting them. So I thought I’d help them out by offering to take it off their hands.

I grabbed a few grocery bags & started out on my mission of generosity. I went all around the neighbourhood knocking on doors, ringing bells, & I believe my pitch went something like this, “Halloween clean up crew! Have any extra candy you’d like to get off your hands?”

After I had finished the first street, my friend April had come home from school & I enlisted her help. By the time we had gotten around the whole neighborhood we had 3 bags FULL of candy! We found that most people had not yet moved their candy stashes from the front door of their homes & would dump the entirety in our outstreched arms.

I ended up keeping my loot bag at April’s house b/c I figured my mom might get suspicious if I brought all that candy at home. That one day made up for all the years of having to stay at home!


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Have you ever met someone & decided that you liked them right away b/c they remind you of someone else that you like? Have you ever accidentally called that person by the other one’s name b/c in your mind they are almost one & the same? I was thinking about that today since we have moved to a new place, all the people I meet are new & yet some seem to be more familiar to me. I was trying to figure out why & I discovered that some of them look like people I knew elsewhere & some act like people I knew before.

Then I thought about the flip-side. What if I meet someone new & decide I DON’T like them b/c they remind me of someone I wasn’t crazy about? That could be dangerous. I realized that I need to be aware of something like that happening & make sure that I don’t do the transference of feelings from one person to the next b/c even though people may look similar or act similarly, they are all individuals.

In one of the offices where I worked there was a girl who I did NOT like from day 1. We sat quite close to eachother & often had to help w/ the other person’s job if they got too busy. I tried to ignore her as much as possible b/c she was really starting to grate on my nerves. After a few months I realized that she was a really hard worker & always tried to help others whenever she could. I decided that maybe she wasn’t so bad afterall & discovered over time that, in fact, I really enjoyed working w/ her! She was quite funny, & I actually looked forward to the time when she would start her shift.

About 2 months after that she took another job & I have never heard from her since. I’m still regretting that b/c of my crummy attitude I missed MONTHS of what could have been a close friendship. I have been conscious ever since to give people a chance & not judge if I like them or not in the first few meetings. I think it’s an important thing for us all to do. And now I’ll get off my soapbox.

*Thanks to everyone who have left comments! It’s been great to see some of the people who’ve been reading.

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Today we went to visit the church in Burdett where Chad did his internship 3 summers ago. We really enjoyed getting to see everyone again, as we had only seen 3 couples in the time b/w when we were there & now. One of the families invited us over for lunch & we had an enjoyable afternoon catching up w/ them.

One of the activities that Asher really enjoyed today was being given full reign of the flyswatter. We don’t have too many flies at home, so we usually just get them ourselves when he spots one, but today he was given his very own to use as he pleased. I’m not too sure how many he actually killed, there were many that were lying pretty still before he got them, but since he didn’t seem to know the difference, we though it better to not spoil his fun.

After lunch he took the flyswatter into the living room w/ him & then we spotted a fly near the table, so we asked him to bring the flyswatter back to us. Seems the boy has no clue what a flyswatter is….. He looked around & around for it when it was sitting in the middle of the floor right in front of him. I gave him clear directions until he was basically standing on topp of it, then told him to pick it up off the floor in front of him. He took a step back, hunched down & started closely inspecting the carpet. I think he must have been looking for a FLY at that point, b/c he was clearly looking for something quite small.

Asher then went back to the window & picked up a fly to bring to us. We said, “Not a FLY, the flySWATTER.” To which he replied, “This looks like an airplane.” He then held it aloft & demonstrated how an airplane would fly whilst making “vrooming” sounds. He did eventually bring us the flyswatter, still not too sure he knows what one is though…..

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I thought since I’ve been gone the past few days, that you’d be DYING to know how my eye has been doing. There was so much drama about it last week that I couldn’t just let the story die w/o filling you in on what has happened.

On Friday Chad & I brought Asher over to our friends’ house for the weekend b/c we were going to Prince Edward Island to visit a church out there. The Optometrist had squeezed me in b/w patients in order to check that my eye was getting better. Much to her surprise not only was my eye NOT better, but the infection had spread to the other eye as well. I had started putting drops in both eyes, but since the right eye wasn’t as bad as the left I put the weaker, first prescription in the right eye & the stronger, second prescription in the left. Plus I was putting the allergy drops in the left as well since she had told me to do that.

So, Chad dropped me off at the optometrist for my appointment. She took a quick look & told me to keep up what I was doing & take the allergy drops in both eyes. So four times a day I was supposed to put four drops in each eye. It can become quite difficult to put that much liquid in your eye & expect it to stay there & not leak out, but somehow I managed for most of the weekend. I got a bit lax about it by Sunday, but by that time it was pretty much better in both eyes.

Chad said this morning that it looked like I was over it, but my left eye still looked a bit puffy. I have stopped taking the medication & haven’t suffered any ill effects yet. I may have to get some botox for the left eye though b/c it does really look a bit saggy, but I suppose that’s what happens when your eye is swollen for 10 days.

I am supposed to call the optometrist again in order to set up an appointment for an eye exam since I was charged for one as a new patient visit, but still haven’t actually received it yet. I’m a little bit worried about it b/c my left eye still seems a little blurry. I always thought that it would be cool to need glasses b/c they can be such a fun fashion accessory, but now that that might be a slight possibility, I don’t think I’m so keen on it any more.

So, that’s pretty much that. I hope it’s all done with now. Asher never got it, so I am very glad about that. PEI was great. The island was beautiful, we had good weather all weekend, & the people were really friendly. It was nice to fly & not have Asher along…. it was a bit more relaxing than we are used to these days. Asher did fine for the people he stayed with. He told them they weren’t allowed to sing at the table. He also woke them up quite early every day, so I’m sure they will be thankful that he’s back home now. Hopefully now that he’s back home he decides to sleep in in the mornings again!

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Ladies Night Out

Last night 6 of us girls from church went out to dinner at Jack Astor’s. I had decided I was craving some Garlic Pan Bread, so that was the place to go. We had a really good time together. It was the first time one of the girls had been able to go, so it was really nice to get to know her in a different setting, b/c we all know that people are just different outside of church!

We got to the restaurant around 6:30 & settled in for a nice long meal. Yes, we started w/ appetizers, went to entrees & shared a dessert (of COURSE we had chocolate cake!). WE had finished eating & were really enjoying eachother’s company when the waitress asked if we could pay up & clear out. I checked the time & it was only 8:30, so we hadn’t been there an exhobitant amount of time, & it wasn’t b/c we were being boisterous either (we weren’t the table loudly singing along to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” & “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, though thinking back, maybe if we had been, they would have left us alone). The waitress simply told us there was another group that had arrived & they needed our table.

One of the girls pointed out that she wasn’t finished her coffee yet & was told, “well, if you could just hurry it along.” Now, I really like the food at J.A., & I have never before had any issues with the staff (except one waiter who tried to bond w/ us a little too much), but I was highly dissapointed on this occasion. I thought the situation could have been dealt with w/ a bit more tact, or perhaps if they had just waited a few more minutes they wouldn’t have had to ask us to leave at all. We were simply waiting for the coffee to be finished!

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Last night my eye was itchy. Chad had the same thing when we were in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago & it went away after about 1/2 a day, so I thought nothing of it & went to bed. This morning I awoke to only one operational eye. My other eye was gunked closed & puffy. And MAN did it ITCH! Chad suggested I put some water in my hand & open my eye into that to clean it out. That just made my eye burn, so I called the Dr & went in. I have Pink Eye folks! No idea where I got it from, but I think the hardest part of the whole thing is trying not to spread it to Asher.

In other news, we went to visit our friend in Sarnia yesterday, like we do most Wednesdays. We had a great time shopping the charity shops & also went to the animal farm. Asher enjoyed the goats, sheep, & crowing rooster that he called, “noisy rooster!” We also fed the geese & Asher was bitten by one, but it was a Canada Goose, so it only gave him a gentle nip as it was going for the bread. Canadians are so polite! I think it even apologized afterwards! Maybe I got pink eye from the animal farm, but I don’t remember seeing any goats w/ puffy eyes……

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I Must Be Quite Thick

It has taken me about 8 years to realize that my best friend, was just that. MY best friend. I always knew that she had other friends that were closer to her, and that was fine. Recently it dawned on me that I’ve been making all the effort for the past…. oh, 8 years or so. We don’t live close so that makes things a bit harder, but even so, there’s alot of things one can do these days to stay in touch. It’s just a bit disappointing. I figured we’d always keep in touch and talk about whatever. It seems I’m not even worth talking to at all. It’s not that I don’t think I’m worthwhile (I know I’m pretty cool), I just wish she’d make a bit more effort…. or any effort at all.

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