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Joseph’s Coat

On Tuesdays we go to coffee break at church & Asher gets to go to “Little Lambs” which teaches him about some people in the Bible. He takes the papers home, but I have a really hard time getting him to tell me anything about what they did other than that they do puzzles, have a snack, & sing songs.

He never tells me waht songs they sing. He always tells me “Deep & Wide” which I am pretty sure isn’t what they sing every week. On the way out to the truck this week I caught him singing, “The more we get together,” he then paused, realized he was singing in my presence, & said, “No, we didn’t sing THAT song!” I don’t know WHY he won’t tell me, it’s not like I make him sing the songs over & over at home, he just wants to keep the songs to himself & I suppose that’s ok.

Over lunch I usually ask who they learned about that day & he’ll tell me their names, but not much more than that. Well, this week it was a bit different. He told me all about Jesus & how he got a coat from his brothers, but his brothers didn’t have one.

I know, he was a bit mixed up in the names department, so I straightened him out a bit & then asked if the brothers were jealous. He said, “No, they were sad,” then he decided that didn’t cover all the emotions, & procalimed, “they were MAD!

Later he was telling P Chad over dinner all about Joseph (he got the name right this time) & his brothers & the coat. He got to the part that the brothers didn’t have one & added, “Just like Jesus & Zaccheus, they didn’t have a coat EITHER!”

I suppose it’s true, but someday we’re going to have to make sure he gets all those Bible stories straightened out.


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First Baptism

Sunday was a special day for Pastor Chad.  He got to perform his first baptism.

I wonder why they call it performing…  Sounds like he did a bit of singing & dancing…. which he did not.

Here are the pictures.  I relied on the family to take them rather than taking them myself.  I figured if I took my camera to church again people would start to think it was a regular occurrence & that I was going to be taking pictures every week.  They might think that I think I’m a professional photographer or something, which I am clearly not.  Sammy is 3 weeks younger than Chancery, & his parents waited especially so that Pastor Chad could baptise him.

sammy-baptism-1Reading the form


sammy-baptism-3Rit handing Sammy over for the blessing

sammy-baptism-4Pastor Chad blessing Sammy

Sammy was really good & only cried once he knew he was close enough to the mic that we would all be able to hear it.  He was then presented to the congregation & encored his earlier yunking performance by quietly belching!  We were glad to be a part of his special day.

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Pastor Chad is now officially a “Reverend” or “Dominee” or whatever you want to call it.  Sunday he had his installation service & here are the pictures I took.  I felt kinda funny taking pictures during prayers & such, but I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing & braved it anyways.  Without further ado:


Laying on of hands


Reverend Chad performing the Sacrament of Communion


Giving the blessing (he’s finally allowed to hold his hands up!)

And the best part!


It was REALLY good cake…..

Don’t worry, he’s still fairly down to earth!


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