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I’m Goin’ Back!

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for making the switch w/ me from blogger to wordpress.  However, after a few weeks, & multiple posts, I have discovered that I prefer blogger & since my comments are working over there again, I’m headed back.  Please, won’t you come & follow me?  Poll results show that most of you are ambilvalent as to where I write, so hopefully that means you’ll find your way over there again.  About 30% said they’d prefer to see me back on my old stomping grounds, & no one was especially committed to WordPress.  I wasn’t sure I’d switch back, but since no one begged me to stay & I discovered the grass isn’t greener over here, I’m packing up & headed home!

*Please update your subscription feeds & those of you with blogrolls, if you could switch them back to http://csvan.blogspot.com/


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