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…..And they call it vacation! Hah! Wednesday we will be starting our successive trips. We’re going to Grand Rapids to visit some friends & Chad will be attending the Festival of Faith & Writing which he has wanted to go to for a few years, but since the Seminary never gave them time off to attend it, he was never able to. Hence, this year, we’re going. We’ll be coming back home late Saturday night, then Chad has to preach at 2 different churches Sunday.
Not bad so far, eh? But Monday we leave for 2 weeks to England (with a side trip to Ireland). I know now that you’re saying “Stop your whinging, you get to go to England!” But I’ll have to do laundry in there somewhere too & I’m a little worried about what to pack for Asher. Normally we can nip into Walmart on a trip if we forget something, but that won’t be an option over there.
When we get back, Chad leaves the next morning for a 3 day men’s retreat for church, so I’ll be a single mum for a few days. I don’t mind so much during the days, but I really miss having him to help at meal times (and of course his company at night as well). Chad gets back from his retreat Saturday night & has to preach again on Sunday. Then we get 2 days of normalcy before the next leg of our journey.
Wednesday we’ll be going back down to Grand Rapids for Chad’s Seminary graduation. Yay! I’m excited about this. Coincidentally his 10 year highschool reunion falls on the same weekend. Yes, he’s been in school all this time. This summer he’ll be up for candidacy and ready for his first REAL job!


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We are planning a trip to England this spring & decided there was a deal to go to Ireland for a week that we really couldn’t pass up. We were discussing it at the dinner table & Chad asked Asher if he wanted to go to Ireland. Asher replied, “Des!” So we asked him to say Ireland. His reply was, “Ireland, Walmart!” He really does love his trips to Walmart, any time we are going somewhere, he’ll say “Walmart.” So, we had to explain there is no Walmart in Ireland. Poor guy looked so disappointed……….

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Let me tell you a funny story…..

Somehow, since we moved, most of my placemats are missing. So I went to Walmart to purchase some new ones. (Now, keep in mind, if you will, that I am a cheapskate.) To my astonishment, placemats cost upwards of $2 EACH! I was planning on purchasing 8 lovely, matching placemats. I looked for some cheaper ones. I found a 4-pack for $5. Sounds pretty good, right? They were made of plastic though, so they were not the ideal placemat. As had been evidenced by my spilling my drink on my mother-in-law the previous week, I needed to get cloth ones so they could absorb spills. I looked further. I found a clearance shelf! They had yellow and blue placemats for $0.66 each! What a bargain! I bought 4 of each colour, and happily went home. I soon discovered why they had been such a deal, or perhaps why they were not a great deal after all. They were made of…. wait for it folks….. PAPER! They look great for one meal, until your butter-covered knife falls off the side of your plate and leaves a big greasy stain on the PAPER placemats, that b/c they are made of paper, you cannont wash. (incidentally, I did rinse one off, and now it has an interesting ruffled edge, side, and middle.) I suppose at that price they should have been marketed as disposable.

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So today I realized we were short on some groceries, and thought Asher & I could go do some shopping. I realized after trying to go to the bank this morning that it’s a bank holiday (I really should have rushed to the bank Friday before it closed, but I figured the bank would be open Saturday morning….), but I figured the grocery stores would probably be open.

First I went to the discount store, but the lights were all off, so I thought I’d try the Superstore, it’s the only big grocery store in town, and I figured it would have shorter hours, but it should be open, right? Nope. Closed all day today.

My last option was Walmart. It’s ALWAYS open….. or so I thought. The parking lot was totally empty, as was every other parking lot I passed along the way, so I gave up. I suppose we can make it one more day without milk, and peanut butter, and sugar….

It’s difficult to figure all the little details out when you move! Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have better luck.

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