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A Poll

Well, apparently my comments on blogger are working again, so I need some reader input. Would you prefer I move back to blogger, or should I just stay put here on wordpress There is a poll in the sidebar, so please visit either site & let me know your preference!


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As I mentioned a few days ago, I bought Asher a dragon costume after Haloween b/c it was on sale for $3.  I figured he’d have some fun wearing it from time to time, but I had NO IDEA that he’d want to wear it ALL the TIME!

It really is a cute costume, but it does cause some difficulty when he wants to go up stairs w/ anything in his hands.  Also, he’s been throwing toys from time to time & in order to give him a time out has become quite the ordeal.  First I have to wrestle the costume off him & w/o much help from him b/c he wants to keep it on & he also doesn’t WANT a time out.  And potty training?  Yeah, we’re gonna let that slide for awhile.

As for the name “Leonard”…. well, sometimes I randomly pick a few names & ask if that’s the name.  Apparently it’s name wasn’t “Puff” or “Danny”, but “Leonard.”  I’m sure my uncle w/ the same name will be honoured!





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Thanks for coming to visit me in my new home!  I hope you like it here!  I have officially made the move from blogger to wordpress.  Please bear with me as I figure out my new site!

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I want to be like this. What a great story!

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I thoroughly enjoyed this clip…..

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