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A New Timeline

The other day I had another OB appointment. I am to the point where I see a different doctor everytime I go so that I can meet them all before I have the baby. O f course, I’m not having the baby here, but they didn’t know that, so I was meeting them.

The last time I was there, the doctor asked if I was small when I was pregnant w/ Asher too. Well, I don’t know really. I didn’t gain a whole lot of excess weight, but I certainly got a big belly by the end. Then she asked if I was on a 28 day cycle…. well, not so much. So she changed my due date.

This time I saw a male doctor, & he said that since the ultrasound pictures had been a bit small for the time frame & I was more than 28 days, the new due date was August 21 instead of Aug 10. Then he asked if I was ok w/ that. Let me tell you, people are not expecting to hear that you’d rather have the baby inside for longer b/c it’s quieter that way!

I am GREAT w/ having the baby later for that reason, but it does change things a bit for taking a call to a church somewhere. Our timeline has kinda been that we’d be in Alberta until the end of August & then move to wherever we are going, but I REALLY don’t want to drive across the country 10 days after I have the baby, although at that point it will probably sleep most the way, nights will probably be another story. Asher was awake almost every 2 hours & was a Looooong nurser. That could make for an interesting trip.


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Hot Feet

For the last few nights I have had a TERRIBLE time getting to sleep. I always have a problem w/ my feet being hot at night, it’s kinds of a funny issue b/c quite often I’ll go to bed w/ FREEZING cold feet so I’ll put socks on, only to have to remove them 1/2 way through the night b/c my feet are too hot. This issue runs in my family as well. My brother always sleeps w/ his feet out of the covers & I think we both get that from Mom (Hi, Mom!).

So, last night I went to bed, no socks. My feet were sufficiently warm. After an hour of hanging my feet out of the covers, I finally had to get up & douse them w/ a cold washcloth. It didn’t have much effect, but it felt pretty good at the time. I did realise that my feet were all swollen as well (one thing about pregnancy I could do w/o). FINALLY I was able to get to sleep.

I told Chad about it this morning & his reply was, “but the room was COLD! I had the window open all night.” Yes, the room was cold, I was a little chilly, but my feet? Not so much. I do recall this hot feet problem from when I was pregnant w/ Asher & could quite often be found sitting on the front porch w/ my feet in a 5 gallon bucket of water to cool off my tootsies.

I think I may fill the hot water bottle w/ cold water & try that tonight. It’s not like the weather has been that hot… just my feet!

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Big Brother

This morning I was commenting on how Asher’s jammies were a bit big. He kept stepping on the feet & couldn’t go anywhere. Chad said “that’s ok, he’s a BIG boy.” Which Asher then had to repeat, since he repeats almost everything at some point.

Then Asher informed me he was going to be a big brother today. I told him that he was going to be a big brother, but I hoped it wasn’t going to happen today. Then he said, “Asher be a big brother when a baby comes out….. Thaaat’s right!” (he likes to affirm himself).

So does that mean I don’t have to give him the birds & the bees talk? Sounds like he’s got it down doesn’t it?

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Yesterday when I went to the Doctor I thought I’d kill 2 birds w/ one stone & get my bloodwork done that my other doctor had ordered last week. I kept seeing the lab order on my counter & just hadn’t found a convenient time to go, which isn’t like me at all. If you know me in the “real” world, you’ll know that I actually LIKE to go to the doctor. I think when I was a freshman in college I was either at the hospital or the doctor every week. (I had physio for my ankle for 2 months, plus I was a BIT accident-prone).

ANYWAY, I went & they told me that the test that was ordered was a 1 hour Glucose Tolerance Test & I’d have to sit there for the whole hour. I knew what kind of test had been ordered, but in the doctor’s office where I used to work, we never had made the patients wait, so I had figured I could drink the stuff & go home, then come back w/o Asher in tow, since I knew that sitting in the lab w/ Asher was not going to be a pleasant experience. So I told the lady I’d come back later instead.

Today Chad came home a little early so I could get the test done since I was supposed to get it done as soon as possible & it had already been a week & then some. So off I went w/ my book for an hour of sitting. I have to tell you, it was a rather enjoyable way to spend an hour. I could sit & read w/o any interruptions of any kind. The only issue I had was the chairs in the waiting room weren’t very padded & neither is my bum, so sitting there for that long led to a bit of a sore tush, but I suppose most people don’t have to sit there that long…. unless they come on a Monday morning, those were always busy…..

They gave me the delicious orange drink & said they’d call me back for the bloodwork in an hour. My baby was enjoying the sugar-rush. It was wriggling & squirming all over the place! When the time was almost up I sure felt tired though!

When I got home it was lunch time & now I have the issue of what to eat since I feel quite sugary & I need something to balance that out……. Any suggestions?

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Just so you are aware……. the brownies are DELICIOUS!!!!

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As I type this little blog, dear reader, a sad thing has happened. I am baking brownies. The smell is wafting around the apartment & tantalizing my taste buds. I had to go into the kitchen to get something & noticed that the brownies only had 15 minutes to go. I started to think of how good fresh home-made brownies are. I figured I could wait 15 minutes for one, but then I remembered that I would also have to wait for them to cool down a bit & I decided I couldn’t wait that long. Soooooo, I ate a Suzy-Q. Not so bad, you say? Well, the brownies have just come out of the oven & I am starting to rethink that I could probably wait until they cool down a bit & have one of those as well. No wonder my stomach is getting so big!

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I’ve heard many times that parents generally are more lenient w/ second children than they are w/ their first. I know some who are diligent about filling in the baby book for baby #1, begin a baby book for #2, & don’t even bother buying one for subsequent children b/c they know it’s not eve going to be started, let alone completed. I am really hoping that baby #2 & beyond at least get baby books in our family, but if things continue to go as they have thus far, I’m not so sure it’ll happen.

When I was pregnant w/ Asher I was diligent about buttering my belly w/ cocoa butter in order to avoid the dreaded stretch marks. I put on a thick coat every night w/o fail & for the most part it worked, until he “dropped” & I got a few stretch marks in the last few weeks. Generally I faired pretty well.

Maybe it’s due to being tired at the end of the day, or the fact that I’m getting older & I know that I will probably almost never wear stomach baring clothing again, but I have been very negligent on the belly buttering front. I am really hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come, like neglecting to feed my child, or change their pants……

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