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Yesterday at the grocery store I passed the Canada Post area & remembered I ran out of stamps for the States.  I stopped to get some & while she was getting them for me she asked how many I wanted.

“But,” she said, “you’ll need to use them before the prices go up in January.”

Wait, JANUARY? How did it get to the point that we’re talking about January already?  I haven’t even THOUGHT about Christmas cards yet…..  CHRISTMAS CARDS! I have to get working on Christmas cards!  I only have a month left before they should go out!*

“Hello, Ma’am?  How many stamps would you like?”

I guess it’s good I got my warning now, I can’t have Christmas sneaking up on me like that.  I’m just not ready for it yet!

*Canada Post is notoriously slow, especially at Christmastime.


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There were no plans to take Asher Trick or Treating this year. We kind of figured he wouldn’t know the difference anyways & it’s easier to stay in. But PC’s parents came back from their trip yesterday & rectified the situation. They went costume shopping (not easy the day before Haloween) & picked up a clown costume for Asher & a cat one for Chancery.

Today they were quizzing him on what he’s supposed to say when they go out. He looked a littel confused, so they explained the process:

  1. Get costume on
  2. Go out to the neighbors
  3. Say “_______”
  4. Get candies!

“So, what do you say when you knock on the people’s door?”

Asher’s response?


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Trick Or Treat!

When I was growing up, my brothers & I were never allowed to go trick or treating. We used to hand out the candies to everyone who came to the door. There was some fun in that, seeing everyone’s costume, seeing how laden down all your friends were w/ bags full of candy……

I didn’t really care about the dressing up part, it was all the candy that I was missing out on! My friends used to share some of their plunder w/ me, but of course they kept all the good stuff for themselves, not that I blame them for that.

I always figured that my parents didn’t want us out wreaking havoc on the neighborhood & generally getting into mischief. And they always made it clear they didn’t want us begging people for candy. So one year my parents were gone the day after Halloween. I was home alone to sit & ponder the unfairness of life & came up w/ a brilliant plan!

I don’t know exactly how old I was, but I know I was at least in grade 6. I decided there were probably alot of older people in the neighborhood that had candy left over that they didn’t want lying around the house tempting them. So I thought I’d help them out by offering to take it off their hands.

I grabbed a few grocery bags & started out on my mission of generosity. I went all around the neighbourhood knocking on doors, ringing bells, & I believe my pitch went something like this, “Halloween clean up crew! Have any extra candy you’d like to get off your hands?”

After I had finished the first street, my friend April had come home from school & I enlisted her help. By the time we had gotten around the whole neighborhood we had 3 bags FULL of candy! We found that most people had not yet moved their candy stashes from the front door of their homes & would dump the entirety in our outstreched arms.

I ended up keeping my loot bag at April’s house b/c I figured my mom might get suspicious if I brought all that candy at home. That one day made up for all the years of having to stay at home!

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A Few Asher-isms

Last night Asher & I took Chad out to Dinner @ Jack Astor’s. They were having a special deal where if you ordered a Heineken, you got a free beer glass. Always ones to get free stuff, we went out to celebrate Father’s Day!

We had just gotten out of the car & Chad was asking me if we were going to sit outside or inside, so he’d know if he’d need his sunglasses. Asher piped up, “Sit outside!” & promptly sat down in the parking lot. That boy DOES have good listening skills, I just wish he’d use them as much when we tell him “no.”


As I was putting Asher to bed last night, I asked him if he wanted the cow blanket or the purple blanket. He almost always chooses the cow blanket, so I started to put it on him. He said, “no, PURPLE blanket!” So I put the purple blanket on him instead. He was laying down in the crib, put his feet up in the air, & declared, “SU-PER Asher!”

Yes, we have a strange kid. Chad attributes it to the fact that he spends the bulk of his time with me. I have no comment.

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We decided to go out as a family to the local Pizza place. We haven’t been in awhile, but figured that since it was V-day that it wouldn’t be busy. We got to the restaurant around 5:15 to find only about 4 tables were occupied, that seemed a good sign, however, it took about 10 minutes for someone to come & seat us.

It seemed there was only 1 waitress on staff, so we actually had the manager covering our table. We ordered our drinks, pizza & I decided we needed an appetizer too. We got our drinks about 15 minutes later….. and waited about an hour for our breadsticks!

We noticed there were more & more people arriving, and the waitress/hostess began telling people that she could seat them, but it would be about 1/2 an hour before she’d be able to even get their order. I don’t think it was that bad, but I think she just wanted people to go home, or somewhere else.

The manager walked by our table at one point and said the pizza should be out soon, it’d been over an hour already, and we were very thankful we had at least ordered the breadsticks… not least of all b/c Asher was getting a bit antsy. We usually eat around 5:30, and it was already 6:30 or so.

There were a few people that had been seated who now started heading for the door, they must have gotten tired of waiting. One man went up to the front carrying his pizza to ask for the bill & a box, another went up demanding refills for his table. The three of us just sat at our table, starving, wondering when our pizza would show up.

The manager came out again and said that he was really sorry and that he would comp our meal & give us another free meal for next time. Normally when we are apologized to at a restaurant my response is, “that’s ok.” I did not say that this time, instead I said, “thank you.” We were very glad that he was so apologetic, and didn’t try to make excuses, but was just sorry for our wait.

Finally after 1 1/2 hours of waiting, our pizza arrived! We had ordered a large, 1/2 hawaiian, 1/2 Italian, and got 2 mediums….. The guy who brought them to the table said they ran out of larges, so we got 2 mediums instead. Chad figured they forgot to put the order in for our pizza & figured that mediums cook faster.

Two hours after entering our romantic locale, gazing into eachothers eyes, wondering to ourselves if love would be enough to get us through, we left. We were satisfied, and our wallet was suffering no ill effects. The moral of the story? Just be patient and polite & you’ll get good service…… depending where you are, of course!

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So today I realized we were short on some groceries, and thought Asher & I could go do some shopping. I realized after trying to go to the bank this morning that it’s a bank holiday (I really should have rushed to the bank Friday before it closed, but I figured the bank would be open Saturday morning….), but I figured the grocery stores would probably be open.

First I went to the discount store, but the lights were all off, so I thought I’d try the Superstore, it’s the only big grocery store in town, and I figured it would have shorter hours, but it should be open, right? Nope. Closed all day today.

My last option was Walmart. It’s ALWAYS open….. or so I thought. The parking lot was totally empty, as was every other parking lot I passed along the way, so I gave up. I suppose we can make it one more day without milk, and peanut butter, and sugar….

It’s difficult to figure all the little details out when you move! Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have better luck.

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