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Joseph’s Coat

On Tuesdays we go to coffee break at church & Asher gets to go to “Little Lambs” which teaches him about some people in the Bible. He takes the papers home, but I have a really hard time getting him to tell me anything about what they did other than that they do puzzles, have a snack, & sing songs.

He never tells me waht songs they sing. He always tells me “Deep & Wide” which I am pretty sure isn’t what they sing every week. On the way out to the truck this week I caught him singing, “The more we get together,” he then paused, realized he was singing in my presence, & said, “No, we didn’t sing THAT song!” I don’t know WHY he won’t tell me, it’s not like I make him sing the songs over & over at home, he just wants to keep the songs to himself & I suppose that’s ok.

Over lunch I usually ask who they learned about that day & he’ll tell me their names, but not much more than that. Well, this week it was a bit different. He told me all about Jesus & how he got a coat from his brothers, but his brothers didn’t have one.

I know, he was a bit mixed up in the names department, so I straightened him out a bit & then asked if the brothers were jealous. He said, “No, they were sad,” then he decided that didn’t cover all the emotions, & procalimed, “they were MAD!

Later he was telling P Chad over dinner all about Joseph (he got the name right this time) & his brothers & the coat. He got to the part that the brothers didn’t have one & added, “Just like Jesus & Zaccheus, they didn’t have a coat EITHER!”

I suppose it’s true, but someday we’re going to have to make sure he gets all those Bible stories straightened out.


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First Baptism

Sunday was a special day for Pastor Chad.  He got to perform his first baptism.

I wonder why they call it performing…  Sounds like he did a bit of singing & dancing…. which he did not.

Here are the pictures.  I relied on the family to take them rather than taking them myself.  I figured if I took my camera to church again people would start to think it was a regular occurrence & that I was going to be taking pictures every week.  They might think that I think I’m a professional photographer or something, which I am clearly not.  Sammy is 3 weeks younger than Chancery, & his parents waited especially so that Pastor Chad could baptise him.

sammy-baptism-1Reading the form


sammy-baptism-3Rit handing Sammy over for the blessing

sammy-baptism-4Pastor Chad blessing Sammy

Sammy was really good & only cried once he knew he was close enough to the mic that we would all be able to hear it.  He was then presented to the congregation & encored his earlier yunking performance by quietly belching!  We were glad to be a part of his special day.

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Pastor Chad is now officially a “Reverend” or “Dominee” or whatever you want to call it.  Sunday he had his installation service & here are the pictures I took.  I felt kinda funny taking pictures during prayers & such, but I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing & braved it anyways.  Without further ado:


Laying on of hands


Reverend Chad performing the Sacrament of Communion


Giving the blessing (he’s finally allowed to hold his hands up!)

And the best part!


It was REALLY good cake…..

Don’t worry, he’s still fairly down to earth!


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The day started as a typical Saturday. Asher woke up saying he wanted to go to McDonald’s for Pancakes (he knows the routine). So, once were all ready, off we went. It was raining a bit when we left, but we were hoping that the showers would be over by afternoon b/c today was also our church picnic day.

After breakfast we decided to head to Sarnia b/c Chad has not been to the animal petting farm yet (& it’s free), so off we went. I rained some more on our way, but we figured that Asher would be in the stroller, so as long as it wasn’t actually raining when we got to there it would be ok.

Well, we kinda got sidetracked. First we went to Starbucks. Then we were right next to Goodwill, so I though we should just pop in & see if I could find some maternity shorts. I didn’t find anything there, but I was still in the mood to look & since Value Village was just down the street, we figured we could have a look there too. Once again, no luck, but we were right next to Staples & we’ve been contemplating getting a GPS, so we thought we’d have a look.

We finally got on our way again & saw the CAA, so we stopped there to get maps for our trip from Ontario to Alberta since we don’t have a Canadian atlas & maps are free. Then we went on our merry little way. But Janene had mentioned that she had found some maternity shorts at a consignment shop in Sarnia, so we had to go there…. On our way, Chad saw a sign that the pet shop had puppies, so we HAD to bring Asher in to see those (he was more interested in the fish).

I had no luck at the consignment shop either, but I did get a few longer maternity shirts since mine are starting to show a band of belly which I am not too crazy about. It was getting on 12 o’clock at this point, so we decided to stop for lunch.

After a delicious Subway sub (& cookies) we hightailed it for home since Asher tends to fall asleep in the car immediately after lunch & will not transfer to bed for the remainder of hios nap. So we drove home & kept bugging Asher to keep him awake until we got there so he could have a good nap.

Chad headed off to the chuch picnic shortly thereafter since council was planning a softball game against the youth. Asher & I joined him after naptime. The rain held off until just after the game was over & then it started thundering & pouring & FREEZING! Luckily I had decided against shorts for Asher & I, but Chad was wearing shorts & had no coat, so he was pretty cold.

We stayed just long enough for dinner & then came back home. I think most people were doing the same thing b/c it was pretty miserable & cold & most people were not really prepared for that kind of weather. We came home & gave Asher his bath & Chad & I both commented how nice it would be if we could have a bath as well, but there’s just not enough room! (This is a picture of Asher a year ago in his tub. We only have a shower, so we had to improvise.)

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Looking For A Church

As Chad & I start trying to figure out where God wants us to be for the next few years, we are visiting a few different churches. It’s not very easy to discover what a church is like in one Sunday or even a weekend, but one thing that I have discovered in the last few years is that the feeling of family is very important to us…. well, at least to me it is.

Since we have been living so far away from family it has really become apparent, since we’ve had Asher, that having people around who really take an interest in how your life is going, more than just accepting that all is “fine.”

I grew up in a church that had a very strong sense of family. There weren’t very many members & since it was in a Navy town, there weren’t too many that were there for more than a few years at a time. That could have been cause for disconnectedness. People could have thought, “oh, they’ll be moving on in a few years, it’s not worth investing the time to get to know them.”

When Chad & I were moving around for school we had that happen at a few churches. People figured that since we were there as students we wouldn’t be in for the long haul & didn’t really bother trying to get to know us. We made a point of finding our own friends & working on our own relationships.

I have found though, that since Chad is a pastor, he needs to be free to talk to people after church & that leaves me to run after Asher. Because of this I do not have much opportunity to meet people after church, so my friendships are formed more outside of church. Not that I am someone who will meet random people in the supermarket. Perhaps b/c we are still the “newer folks,” we don’t come to mind when people are getting together, so I have had to make a concerted effort to invite others over, or contact them for things.

What I want to find in a church is people who make an effort to get to know us outside of church. When we aren’t standing right in front of them, I would like them to still remember that we exist. I would like for them to realize that we are not close to family (& there are lots of benefits of living by family), & perhaps offer to fill in some of the voids.

I don’t think there are as many issues as there used to be w/ the pastor (& their family) making friends w/in the church. I don’t think the jealously issues are as prevalent as they have been in the past. I know more & more churches are understanding that the pastor’s wife is just a normal person & just b/c her husband has been called into the ministry it doesn’t mean that she knows how to play the organ, or sing on the praise team, or lead a Bible study. I think that churches are also understanding that the pastor’s family needs friends w/in the church just like anyone else & as long as favourites aren’t played, they are ok w/ that. I just think that more churches need to be aware of who is coming to their services. Like I said, the issue of people not making an effort to get to know us happened before we were in the ministry as well, it’s not limited to pastors.

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This is what Asher says every time we tell him that we’re going to go to church. He loves going. I think perhaps it’s more for the toys & the kids than anything else, but it’s a good start. We decided to go to All Souls this morning since Chad never had a chance to go while we lived here. Church was at 9:30 or 11:30 & since it takes 1:30 to get from here to there we decided to go for the 11:30. We also knew they had a lunch at 1pm so we thought if we were interested in staying for htat it made more sense to go to the later service.

We got into London at 10, so we stopped for a coffee at Caffe Nero since Asher had fallen asleep on the Tube on the way in. We’re not the biggest fans of Caffe Nero since when we lived here every time we went our coffee had been made with sour milk, but we figured that the weather wasn’t overly hot, so it wouldn’t be as much of an issue. We had a rather good latte & Asher continued to sleep for about 45 minutes. Then we continued on to All Souls. Chad spoke w/ one of the ministers about getting into ministry in England, but he didn’t seem to know how to go about it, so he wasn’t a whole lot of help. We enjoyed the service, the singing was really great too. Asher enjoyed being able to play with other kids for awhile, but when we went to get him from the creche he was standing in the window looking for us.

After the service we talked to a few people & went to check out the lunch, but since there was no highchair we decided to go elsewhere for lunch. We had passed a Garfunkel’s on the way to church & I thought we should try it b/c it looked rather good. My meal was ok. I probably didn’t choose the right thing to order, but my dessert was magnificent! I had a Treacle Sponge with Custard. Asher also enjoyed my dessert. He doesn’t seem to understand that we aren’t buying them for him, but I don’t mind sharing… within reason!

Post dessert we took the bus down to where I used to work, just to look at the area again, & then we rode another bus to catch the Tube, to catch the Train to get home. Asher has really enjoyed all the different forms of transportation that we have been able to take here. Even though when we are on them he won’t sit still. We got home quite late in the afternoon, so Asher didn’t get an afternoon nap, but he was really quite good. We had a bit of an early dinner b/c Chad wanted to go to All Saints in Woodford Green.

All Saints is the church that we were in at about the same time of year five years ago when Chad felt God was calling him into the ministry. I told him he really ought to go there again so God could tell him what His plans are for us again. I’m now waiting for him to get home & let me know.

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Apple Crisp

We had a potluck at our church on Sunday, and I had a hard time figuring out what to bring b/c you have to have something that will taste good at room temperature, and that you can make ahead of time. I also had a bit of a tiem crunch b/c we were gone most of Saturday, so I decided to make an Apple Crisp.

I had a recipie that asked for apples, but I had a can of apple pie filling, so I figured I could use that and just make the crisp part of the Apple Crisp. At the potluck there were quite a few desserts, and I decided to try others, and not mine. Later I asked Chad if he had tried any of it and he said, “yes, it’s really good.” So I thought all was well. When we were ready to leave Chad went to collect all our dishes. I was still a little apprehensive about how the Apple Crisp turned out, so I asked if much was left, and Chad said, “only about 3 pieces,” so I figured it must’ve been pretty good. After we got home I was putting things away, and washing dishes when I discovered that Chad had brought home the wrong pan! I mentioned it to Chad and he said, “no, I don’t think so, the other Apple Crisp had a really thick, dry topping on it.” ……..the other one was MY Apple Crisp!

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