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Lately Asher has been waking up around 6am, which is about an hour before we want him to get up. Normally I go in his room & tell him he needs to go back to sleep until his night-light comes on (we have it on a timer). But the past 2 days when I have gone in there to do so he has informed me that he is a “Stinky Pete.” So I have had the fun task of changing his pants at 6 in the morning & then getting him to go back to bed for an hour.

Last night I told Chad that if Asher woke up early today it was his job to go get him back to sleep since normally Chad sleeps through this whole ordeal. So this morning at 20 after 6 I hear Asher start to talk. I usually wait a little bit, hoping that he’ll just go back to sleep on his own. He didn’t have much to say this morning, normally it’s indistinguishable chatter, but I distinctly heard him say, in a rather loud voice, “In Canada, YAY!” That brought a smile to my face.

That was the last I heard him until 7 when his light came on. We were awakened again by a little voice saying, “Come out? Night-light on! Come out?” So I sent Chad in & sure enough, he was informed that Asher was a “stinky Pete.” He must have known daddy likes to sleep in & it was his turn today!


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Last week I received a call from a man in immigration asking if I’d be home b/c he had some papers to deliver to me. Lo & behold, I am now the proud owner of an appeal in the Federal Court of Canada. It seems that the Citizenship Judge who permitted me to continue in the Citizenship process made an error in judgement in the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration’s eyes.

I made an appointment with an immigration lawyer & yesterday Chad & I went to see what his take on my case was. He said that the nice Judge man had probably liked the fact that Chad was studying to be a minister & decided I was a nice person & judged in my favour. He did not follow the laws & maybe he was on drugs when he made the decision.

So, what are my chances? I could go through with the appeal, it would take about 1 1/2 years & cost about $4000, or I could wait until June 2010 when I actually have enough time in Canada to apply again.

The issue was that when I applied I had not met the 1095 days residency in Canada in the last 4 years, & it’s only gotten worse with Chad being in school in the States. I had read somewhere that your time still counted if you were outside of Canada accompanied by a Canadian spouse. We fell under that category, so I applied. However, the Canadian spouse rule was for Permanent residence, not citizenship. So here I sit, still 2 years from being able to say, “I AM CANADIAN!”

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Mail Call!

Yesterday I got home from visiting a friend (we were supposed to go shopping in the States, but I forgot our passports!). I get pretty excited about getting the mail at this time of the year b/c more often than not I actually get something! I love getting mail, and Christmas brings it in by the boatload…..
Anyway, I went to get the mail, and there was a Christmas card from my brother (thanks Brian & Brenda) and a BROWN ENVELOPE! I’m going through the process to obtain Canadain citizenship right now, so brown envelopes are usually a long time in coming. I was pretty excited about that BROWN ENVELOPE, so of course I opened my Christmas card first and left the BROWN ENVELOPE for last. I opened the aforementioned BROWN ENVELOPE with trepidation saying “please let it be good news” under my breath. (I’ve already waited the appropriate amount of time as a Landed Immigrant, I applied for Citizenship in Aug of 2005, but since we lived outside of Canada b/c of Chad’s schooling our situation is a bit abnormal, so I had to fill out a supplementary form. I’ve even taken the test for Citizenship (I scored 100%, thank you).) So I opened the BROWN ENVELOPE……
Inside was an appointment to appear before the Citizenship Judge next week. I am super excited! After this all that’s left (if I’m approved) is to go back to take the Oath of Citizenship. This has been a long process. It all started when we got married 8 1/2 years ago. Needless to say I’ll be really happy when it’s all said and done and please pray that I answer all the Judge’s questions satisfactorily so I can finally get my Citizenship b/c then it won’t matter about if we have to leave the country for awhile, I’ll always be able to come back, and I won’t have to go through any more processes.

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So today I realized we were short on some groceries, and thought Asher & I could go do some shopping. I realized after trying to go to the bank this morning that it’s a bank holiday (I really should have rushed to the bank Friday before it closed, but I figured the bank would be open Saturday morning….), but I figured the grocery stores would probably be open.

First I went to the discount store, but the lights were all off, so I thought I’d try the Superstore, it’s the only big grocery store in town, and I figured it would have shorter hours, but it should be open, right? Nope. Closed all day today.

My last option was Walmart. It’s ALWAYS open….. or so I thought. The parking lot was totally empty, as was every other parking lot I passed along the way, so I gave up. I suppose we can make it one more day without milk, and peanut butter, and sugar….

It’s difficult to figure all the little details out when you move! Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have better luck.

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